Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go Royals!

I just wanted to give a little shout out for our softball team! They took Region (alright, we have to share it with Bountiful....that Butch's team for all you Alta fans.) But I am so proud of them! They have worked very hard for us this year and hopefully will do amazing at state tomorrow and next week. This year has been rough with juggling Addi around and trying to handle a real life (how do mom's have lives!?) These girls have made it wonderful to be around...I was nervous I would hate them, but we have so much fun. I want to say thanks to Tice for giving us their favorite cheer RTFTO for life. They also cam up with RRTB (Run Rule Those B%$*#$%) and BGW-Know (Black Gold White) I love them for how goofy they are and how they can handle my dad being very mean to them and Travis using such inappropriate around such sweet gals!
Go Roy!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Mother's Day Rules

I just wanted to brag for a second about my dear husband. He really is great! First of all, I got to leave Friday morning for a glorious time with my sister in law in Park City for a scrap weekend. He was a single dad and did wonderful! I love to hear what he puts her in to wear when he is alone and it is usually the old standby Osh Kosh jumper...he is cute. He never once called to complain, he told me to stay as late as I wanted, he didn't even flinch when he saw the bags from the outlets that I drug in.
Sunday came and I was immediately stressed. Sweet boy tried to bring me a delicious breakfast burrito, but his mean wife said she was in too big of a rush. I had to hurry and get us all ready and do the final preps for my sunbeam lesson, so once again Ronny had to take over as single daddy.
After church it was immediately to the restaurant (no mama cook day) for my family to celebrate us. I was just being so ornery! I was tired and sick of rushing and just mean to Ron for everything he did. I swear one great thing about being married is that you have someone to take everything out on when life is bugging you. Was it his fault I was tired and Addi only wanted to eat ice all day? No, but he was the one who was going to pay for it!
After the Koford celebration, we were finally home. When we bought our running stroller I told him I didn't want anything for mother's day or my birthday so no gifts were necessary, but like the wonderful husband he is, he presented me with two 1 hour massages and $100 for any spa treatments I wanted. I like him.
Addi's present was not as nice. She is a true sleep hater! If she could stay awake for every moment of the day she would be pumped. But she was SO tired, her theory is that if she just keeps her legs moving, she wont give in to the sleep monster. I would rock her and her legs would just kick over the side until I finally let her down. Finally at about 10:00 I told her I was done and just plopped her in her crib. I think she was just wondering why I wanted to end playtime so quick and why I was mean. Sobbing. Hysterically. After about 10 minutes I went in there and laid her down and 3 seconds later she was out, but still had the cry breathing (hu, hu, hu, hu...know what I mean?) She woke up about half hour later and Ron settled her down. Anyway, apparently she was afraid to wake up again to her mean mom because she stayed in her bed until 5:45! New record for our family. I held her until 6:20 when I had to get up, but this is a big accomplishment in our home.
Happy Mother's day everyone! Hope you all had a great day! Hope you all have wonderful husbands and children like I do, we are all truly blessed!