Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Favorite City

This past weekend was Roy Days. Anyone who really knows me knows that Roy is my true home. No matter where I am or what city I may live in, Roy is always home. I remember when I first got married and Ron had aspirations to move back East, the thought of leaving Roy hurt my heart like eating a pound of bacon. So I made us get jobs at the high school of the same name. Figures. I will always love this city. So every August we celebrate as a city. Ghetto or not, I love it here.
I started off the day with the annual 5k. I am old, out of shape and slow, but it was still fun. My face was red for 8 hours after. I did not get a picture due to the fact that I didn't want proof of my failing physique.

Then the parade. Who doesn't love parades....Addi. It was like 4 million degrees and she had no idea why we were sitting there watching the slowest cars in the world drive by. Poor girl. Someday she will understand.

We did the carnival and stuff then later packed up for the fireworks. I made sure to teach Addi the proper way to "ohh" and "ahhh" at them so she would fit in with my mom (true firework lover) it was so much fun to see them through her eyes. That is until she got board and just swung around her glow sticks.

But there are costs to all things, many students were there to not so quietly remind me that school starts in a matter of moments. I'm not ready! Where did my summer go? I also saw my class list last night and had a full blown panic attack! What the hell! Of course I love my the summer. I just don't know if I can go back. Tears. Oh well, it has been so fun and I will just have to make the next three weeks great. Happy Roy days everyone!