Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chrismas Time is Here

It's been quite awhile since our last post but what is terrifying is how fast time has flied.  The holidays are simply crazy people.
Thanksgiving was fun.  I love my mom's stuffing more than most people love their children so having a plate full of that always makes me a happy camper.  The day after was awesome when me and my mom spent the day going from store to store to scope out some deals.  I was pumped to find the last pack of 'Flaries' at Toys R Us.  Anyone else have a "Fashion Fairytale" lover out there?  Awesome.  However since I have been scouring the shelves since October for Christmas stuff, I was really just getting stuff to get stuff.   I am so crazy excited for this Christmas.  Addi truly understands that there is this guy that will literally come into your home and leave you toys.  She is pumped.  So am I.  Aside form everything she sees on TV that she wants, she will tell you automatically that she wants a LaLaLoopsy for Christmas, the one with the purple crown and the kitty. 

While I know that is what she says she wants, she will be so much more happy with what is is also getting from the big guy:
She is going to pee her pants with happiness.  This is all we do all day anyway so now at least we have an awesome doll house to play it in.
Meanwhile, Ellie gets:
We are givers.
Last night was Addi's preschool program.  So much fun!  She is boarder line ADD (self diagnosis) so it is always fun to watch when she gets sick of doing the norm and has her own program.

Standing while they were supposed to be sitting (at least she had another naughty one)

Sitting and sucking while the rest are standing

Doing her own awesome choreography.

Ellie thought it was the greatest show ever.
Speaking of Ellie, how cute is this baby?

I really like her.

Merry Christmas everyone.  May your holidays be as wonderful as you all are!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October fest

It is alas over.  October was seriously one crazy month full of activities and field trips and all the trick or treat madness that one could possibly handle.  I do believe that Halloween is (among) Addi's favorite holidays and she has been talking about our costumes since I believe last November 1st.  Her plan was simple:
Addi:  Princess
Daddy: Knight
Ellie: Unicorn
Mommy:....Dragon.  Seriously a dragon Addi?  WTF!  Why does everyone else get a cute costume and Mom gets to be the giant evil ugly creature?  She never saw the humor in it and simply thought her idea was awesome and therefore needed no tweaking.  Well needless to say, I could not find a dragon costume and Ron was no fun in dressing up and well, Ellie is only 5ish months so sticking a giant horn on her head was not on her list of priorities.  However, she did get her wish of being a princess.  She chose to be Snow White, I got her a wig and everything...the wig was super gross though and looked more like a black rat had died on her head so she remained blond. 
We also had to make our annual trip to Gardner Village to look at the witches.  Addi has learned to fear quite a bit so she kept her distance from the witches but not from her cute sister.
Addi and Ellie, this was Ellies costume...because seriously, she didn't care.  Member how with the first kid you actually think they need a whole costume and then the second comes and you realize that they don't care one bit? Funny. But still, she is insanely cute hu?
We also had Addi's first field trip to Black Island Farms.  So fun.  I am sure I was more excited than she was.  I just LOVE being a mom and seeing the world through their eyes.  Addi is so much fun and so excited to do anything.  She is so much fun to be with and I am so lucky to have her. 

Her cute class

Us on our way to get a punkin.

The actual punkin.
We also had her preschool party where they sang the cutest songs. Seriously, three is such an awesome age.  I have loved everything about it!  (well, to be honest, the whole potty training thing was going to put me over the edge, but other than that it has been the best age ever.)
Now here's to getting ready for Christmas stuff! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Annual Koford Movie Night

Someday our basement will be finished (after a yard and finishing the babe's room and about 9 million other things including a trip to Disney Land...hint hint Ronny...come on, how great would that be?)  Anyway, someday our basement will be finished and we want a cool movie room down there, so we found an awesome popcorn machine thanks to KSL and we wanted to break it in.
We tend to go a little overboard when we have theme nights and this was no exception.  We heading to the store with intentions of getting a FEW treats to munch on during the movie.  We ended up looking like the poster kids for obesity in America. 
'Smiling' more like growling at the new popcorn machine.

Seriously....Salt and Pepper chips (me...I love them) other chips (Ronny) Bugles (Addi) fish, twislers, M &M's other various candy and the giant Chocolate Frosted Flakes for me.  I love them, am addicted, horrible with milk but dry they are simply Divine!

Totally unimpressed by anything but her thumb.
We watched Dragons, such a crazy cute least until Addi said it was too late and she just wanted to go to bed.  I made Ron watch the rest with me because it always makes me that good warm feel good way.   Here's to many more movie nights!  Cant wait till Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me come out!  So much popcorn and more Chocolate frosted flakes for me!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Have I mentioned one of the main reasons that we moved to the 'country' was because each day I got to drive by an Alpaca farm?  Well it was.  I love these adorable little creatures and constantly dream of the day that I too can run a Paca farm and reap the benefits of constant cuteness meandering through my yard.  Well this past weekend was the annual Alpaca Fest.  Glorious day for me and my family.  We got to walk amongst the herd and play with the guard dogs and everything.  So awesome. 
Look at these things!  They are the epitome of adorable to me, seriously, look at their furry heads!  And they are crazy soft.  The dogs were the sweetest, in fact I think I could just go there and steal some Paca's for me and they would just stand there licking me...and I would let them. So fun.  Move to the country with me!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet little second child

Second kids are awesome.  You are not a new mom anymore so you are a little more relaxed and a lot less paranoid.  With Addi I think I woke her up more than she woke herself up, I think she could sense me watching her and woke up to see what the heck I was staring at.  With Ellie I ignore her grunting and wiggles until she gives me a full on cry, sometimes she falls back to sleep, sometimes I have to get her but at least I give her a choice. (Really it is just because I am too tired from taking care of two all day that I am way too exhausted to hop up at the first squeak.)

(crying until I have a chance to pick her up)
Second kids are also awesome because they don't get as spoiled as quick.  They quickly get that cute bald spot from actually being placed on their backs for more than 30 seconds a day.  I don't think Addi knew that there was a possibility that she may be placed anywhere by herself.  I never put her down.  Ellie does not have it quite as sweet, but since she doesn't know any better, she is totally pumped to sprawl out and roll around by herself. 

(so ticklish)
Plus, second kids are always entertained.  They always have noise and giggles, yells and bouncing.  There is never quiet and always something to look at.  All things equal a content child.  But on those moments that I do get to just look at her, those moments in the middle of the night when she is drunkenly filling her belly so she can fall back to sleep, those sweet looks on her face are complete bliss.
(Ron calls daily to see if Ive eaten our baby yet...isn't she yummy?)

Now I still don't have it down how to get out of the house in less than 30 minutes and I don't understand how to take care of both of them when they both REALLY need me, but I have faith that I will figure it out somehow.  Because they are too cute not to. 

Side note...My sweet niece won homecoming queen!  She also just verbally committed to go to Salt Lake Community on a full ride to play softball for the Bruins.  So proud of my beautiful gal!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Next week Addi starts her first round of preschool.  She is completely ready and yearns for some interaction with any sort of kid that will play with her.  I'm ready too I swear.  I think she will be much happier when she has something to do outside of me and what I have to offer her.  I was ready that is until the orientation yesterday.  All was great, the kids met their teacher and had a snack (Addi's is good at snacks.)  Then we went to reading time where they read this story:
I was good until then.  Then the teacher reads about this cute little raccoon that does not want to go to school so the mom kisses his hand and tells him to just touch his cheek when he feels alone and it will be like she is kissing him all better.
That's when I got all misty eyed and tried to pretend I wasn't crying over my 3 year old going to school and leaving me. 
Now, I will be fine, but it just shows how fast she is growing.  When did that happen?
By the way, she has a severe problem with looking at the actual camera with her eyes open.  I don't know why!  I cant figure the gal out.  I once heard that Native Americans said that the camera stole your soul....I think Ron said he was like 1/8th something so maybe it is the soul stealing she is worried about.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in session

School has now started which always makes me a little upset.  I like teaching, I do, but I also have a fondness for laying in bed with my babies and staying in pajamas till way too late in the day.  But I only teach every other day so dont feel too bad for me, I will do that by myself.
My sweet husbie has been 'given' (by that I mean forced) into taking over head coaching duties of the Roy High football team this year.  Knowing that we would be daddy-less once school started, we packed lots into our last couple of weeks of summer, here is our rundown:
We blessed our sweet little Elliette Love at the first of the month.  Ron did an amazing job and it was so fun to have friends there that we dont get to see all the time.  It was also nice to just be able to have everyone come over to our own home after.  I am however still quite angry at my husband, first thing he did when he got home was sprint like a woodland deer to our room and removed his suit in record time.  Even before I got to get the signature picture with daddy and daughter.  So ticked.  He promises that we will recreate the day sometime...Im still waiting.  So these are the only pictures we have until I do the recreation myself. 

This is sweet little Hallie, Addi's first friend, it was so fun to have there at the blessing before they moved to AZ
Bear Lake:
Addi has been asking to go to the beach all summer.  I dont think she really even knew what the beach was but by golly she knew she needed to go there.  The closest we could think of was Bear Lake so bright and early we packed it up and went to the beach.  She was in love.  I will lose her to California or Florida someday, of that I am sure.  She was a raving lunatic and could have stayed there all year.  I dont even think she took time to snack or anything.  She loved the sand, the water, every last bit of her was totally thrilled to be there. 
Ellie is slightly less impressed
Being burried by her cousins

Roy Days:
Anyone who knows me knows that I will forever be a Roy gal, even if I dont really live there anymore, it will always be a huge part of me, here is the day:
The hot, so many fire engins, Addi didnt adore this parade

At the Carnie with her cute friend Whitlee showing off their face tatts

Fireworks with my ma, bros, and nieces and nephews (and Mitch, Cauley's boy)
This was our 7th year being married.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband.  He is eternally doing whatever he can to make me happy and has given me the two best gifts ever.  For this year we went to Little America with the gals and went swimming and eating.  Addi wants to live in a hotel.  I love you husbie.
My gals posing for some pics

After the hotel we 'Zoo-ed" it up for awhile.
Thanks for the great life!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Remember us?

It has been about 3 months since I have had a chance to get on this thing. I have missed it. I know I said that I was going private, and someday I might. I just really don't want to. I am proud of my family. I think they are great, and if someone wants to read about us and see our cute kids, I really don't have a problem with that...unless they are mean. So I will keep my fingers crossed that now that softball is over for the year, those people have found other ways to occupy their minds and will leave me and my family alone. (please?)

When school was finally over I thought we had about 5 weeks to get things taken care of before our little gal arrived in the world. I was planning on those 5 weeks to clean the house, play with Addi, pack my hospital bag. So when my water broke at 2:30 on June 5th, (when I was still 3 weeks away from my due date) I stood desperately in my bathroom trying to figure out a way to jam all that I had left to do before I had to go to the hospital. I even contemplated just ignoring it and going back to bed. Maybe it would stop if I ignored it long didnt. So with a towel between my legs I sprinted around the house trying to get things together, I didn't even have my stuff packed, I hadn't cleaned, I was still planning on taking Addi to the zoo again, or to the park or swimming or something. But, this baby was going to get her way like it or not.
We arrived at the hospital at 4:30 and she rushed into the world (even before my mommy got there!) at 8:28 am. It only took three pushes instead of the 3 HOURS it took with Addi. Such a good girl! (I love these pictures when they look like they have just been in the ring with Ali or something)

Elliette Love Koford
7 lbs 7 oz
20 1/2 inches

Oh my goodness she is sweet, and her sister likes her too!Once we got home the fun started. My 3 year old who had been stubbornly rejecting potty training decided that the time had come (pretty convenient right?...not really) Plus she is more K9 than anything and wanted to learn how to do it on the porch. Seriously, she was peeing on the porch. Luckily we don't have houses across the street from us yet or they would have been given a show. I cant wait till I publish my book on how to raise and potty train your children, I will make millions. I will spare you those pictures and save them for some day when I need to blackmail her into doing something. (The pictures are not working with me today so just know these are totally out of order)

(this is Ellie in her 'tanning bed')
Ellie kept us home while she baked in her billi suitcase. She had some jaundice and needed to be in here 24 hours a day. We were glued to the house. Which gave me time to totally let my hormones freak out and I spent about 2 weeks crying over everything. I was a total mess. I was (and still am) so freaked out that I have two to take care of now. How do you do that? Seriously, how!??? But I will just love them and rely on our families a lot while I learn what the heck to do when Ellie needs to nurse and Addi needs eggs. Do I risk scorching my nursing baby over the stove or go crazy while Addi claims to be so hungry her stomach is eating itself and she my die right then and there? Who wins?

But we do love them so each moment is truly wonderful. I love how wonderfully sweet Addi is with her sister. She is silly proud of her and tells everyone about how cute she is. We have been trying to do the normal summer stuff. Swim lessons have been fun, fireworks are a huge hit, we even made it to the river for some fun.

Mostly we just bask in the cuteness. We bask a lot.