Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Fun!

It has been awhile since I put some pictures of us up, and boy are they cute! She is too much fun and I kinda like her. Some are from our pumpkin extravaganza, some are her in my favorite dress ever (orange with funny sheep on it) and some are from this funny costume party we went to last night. Ron was Old McDonald, I was a cow (not good from someone with a low self esteem) and Addi was a chicken. She has another costume for the big 31st, but this was fun for the family. She however only lasted about 30 minutes before reminding us that it was bath time and why oh why were we doing this to her? We had to make a quick exit, but really it was just about getting dressed up. Ron was sweet, he so did not want to go (his idea was to be Mr. Invisible...funny ha ha Ron, not getting out of this one) I have loved this year so much! Addi is at such a fun stage and I just want to eat her up. Seriously, do moms feel this way, or should I check myself in? I honestly want to eat her up! (too many vampire books!) Happy Fall Yal!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

For the Love of a Vacuum

Of all the seven deadly sins, the one I am best at is coveting. I covet this vacuum. It is actually my brothers, but each week I think up a new reason why I would have to break into his home when no one is there to steal the lovely beast. If you have not seen the Dyson in use, you may be thinking, 'This chick is off her rocker! Why would she have vivid fantasies about stealing a stinking vacuum, why not just go get her own.' One reason is the hefty $500 price tag it totes. And I was skeptical as well, I mean really, could a machine that simply picks up dirt be worth it? I could buy many a pair of shoes or at least three outfits from Gymboree for Addi with that kind of cash (yes, that was my stab at the evil Gymboree that also makes me sin) Well let me just say that once you run this invention over your carpet, you will no longer wonder if it is worth it. It makes you feel like a whole new person, in a whole new house, where your babies can lick the carpet, (she is darling...but quirky.) So each night I try to come up with a new scheme to convince Ron that this is the only thing in the world we need. I have tried everything (everything...wink, wink!) And I do believe that I have alas made him realize that for the Dyson I am relentless. Christmas is right around the corner.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The rules:

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. This assignment has taken me one week to do....because I feel there is nothing unique about me and therefore dont want to spread the news that I am boring and old and have very little wit and wisdom about me.
2. I just realized that I am getting old because South Park is no longer funny to me.
3. I dread washing my hair...alright not true, I like to wash, hate to dry so it prevents me from doing this step.
4. Cheese makes everything better. (Yes, that weird?)
5. I miss having my students having crushes on me. I need to lose my baby weight to gain back my teaching sex appeal...or again, I am getting old.
6. I pop my neck and my knuckles too much and I am sure that my spine will be severed one day because of it.

I tag....everyone on my buddy list...Jennica, McKelle, Lauren, Milli...that is all I know...I have no friends.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MMMMMMMMMMMM....rice cereal????

Addi is officially in the eating world! (alright, not true, my brothers have been giving her 'treats' since she was old enough to swallow!) But as far as baby food is concerned, yesterday was the first! Things started fairly well, she kinda thought it was fun...kinda, but I think she realized that the food we usually eat has much more color and much more flavor than the beige crap we were shoveling at her. So to try and talk her into the deliciousness of rice cereal (without apples because Ron is mean) Mommy tried it....gross. Hard to talk her into thinking it was yummy. Anyway, she was good and there was no gagging but finally enough was enough and she was done! I am so excited to give her 'good' food and watch her get even bigger and happier. How come no one ever really told me that babies were this cool?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Warm weather wahhhhh's

I was watching the news yesterday and the weather gal told me that yesterday would be the last warm day for awhile and that it would rain and snow like crazy all weekend (I should not say this but I hope she is a lying whore!) She also gave the advice that everyone should spend as much time outside as they could that day so I did take her up on that advice. I dressed my little lady in capris and a tee shirt and hit the great outdoors. We went on 5 different walks, ate lunch outside and had a marvelous photo shoot.

Furry sister (Macie) even joined in. I just wanted to again lament the passing of the heat and I ask for advice on how I am to survive with a 6 (almost) month old who loves nothing more than to be outside. I have even talked to Ron about setting up a faux summer room where we will bring in astro-turf and turn on the fire place at full blast. He said no. I have already ordered teh astro-turf. So fairwell my dear friend, until next year (or when Tice lets me come live with her!)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Am I a Golden Retriever?

So I have been trying my very hardest to lose all this weight that my little lady packed on me. I feel like I have tried everything (you learn a lot working at a high school) so bulimia and anorexia have seriously crossed my mind! I have also tried eating only yogurt or those silly shakes, or anything else that may inspire my budges to fall off my saddle bags! So then I teamed up with my neighbor and we decided to run a marathon! (ok, half a marathon, but I say the first part extra quiet so people think I am very ambitious) Anyway, feeling pretty good till the alarm goes off at 5:30 each morning, but I still feel good until we come to the homestretch and suddenly I realize that my hip will no longer function like it should. I complain so much that my husband is used to me saying 'ouch' and 'oh my gosh' and 'why me' and having tears roll down my face that he does not even ask what is wrong anymore. So I looked up hip dyspepsia and low and behold, it normally affects Golden Retrievers. (the pic is even one of a dog, notice the tail!) So I am now thinking I am a chubby dog! Not happy with that idea! Anyway, if any of you fit people know of anything I can do to ease my pain, (I am even up for voo doo) let me know. Or if you know of anyway to lose all my excess poundage, I am all ears!