Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Remember us?

It has been about 3 months since I have had a chance to get on this thing. I have missed it. I know I said that I was going private, and someday I might. I just really don't want to. I am proud of my family. I think they are great, and if someone wants to read about us and see our cute kids, I really don't have a problem with that...unless they are mean. So I will keep my fingers crossed that now that softball is over for the year, those people have found other ways to occupy their minds and will leave me and my family alone. (please?)

When school was finally over I thought we had about 5 weeks to get things taken care of before our little gal arrived in the world. I was planning on those 5 weeks to clean the house, play with Addi, pack my hospital bag. So when my water broke at 2:30 on June 5th, (when I was still 3 weeks away from my due date) I stood desperately in my bathroom trying to figure out a way to jam all that I had left to do before I had to go to the hospital. I even contemplated just ignoring it and going back to bed. Maybe it would stop if I ignored it long didnt. So with a towel between my legs I sprinted around the house trying to get things together, I didn't even have my stuff packed, I hadn't cleaned, I was still planning on taking Addi to the zoo again, or to the park or swimming or something. But, this baby was going to get her way like it or not.
We arrived at the hospital at 4:30 and she rushed into the world (even before my mommy got there!) at 8:28 am. It only took three pushes instead of the 3 HOURS it took with Addi. Such a good girl! (I love these pictures when they look like they have just been in the ring with Ali or something)

Elliette Love Koford
7 lbs 7 oz
20 1/2 inches

Oh my goodness she is sweet, and her sister likes her too!Once we got home the fun started. My 3 year old who had been stubbornly rejecting potty training decided that the time had come (pretty convenient right?...not really) Plus she is more K9 than anything and wanted to learn how to do it on the porch. Seriously, she was peeing on the porch. Luckily we don't have houses across the street from us yet or they would have been given a show. I cant wait till I publish my book on how to raise and potty train your children, I will make millions. I will spare you those pictures and save them for some day when I need to blackmail her into doing something. (The pictures are not working with me today so just know these are totally out of order)

(this is Ellie in her 'tanning bed')
Ellie kept us home while she baked in her billi suitcase. She had some jaundice and needed to be in here 24 hours a day. We were glued to the house. Which gave me time to totally let my hormones freak out and I spent about 2 weeks crying over everything. I was a total mess. I was (and still am) so freaked out that I have two to take care of now. How do you do that? Seriously, how!??? But I will just love them and rely on our families a lot while I learn what the heck to do when Ellie needs to nurse and Addi needs eggs. Do I risk scorching my nursing baby over the stove or go crazy while Addi claims to be so hungry her stomach is eating itself and she my die right then and there? Who wins?

But we do love them so each moment is truly wonderful. I love how wonderfully sweet Addi is with her sister. She is silly proud of her and tells everyone about how cute she is. We have been trying to do the normal summer stuff. Swim lessons have been fun, fireworks are a huge hit, we even made it to the river for some fun.

Mostly we just bask in the cuteness. We bask a lot.