Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fake vacations and the crazy Nordies

We live a boring life, (my husband always reminds me that we are simple school teachers and cant afford real vacations!) So we planned a fun filled couple days in the FABULOUS (maybe exaggerated a little) Provo. We packed up my sister in laws Suburban with 4 kids, and four adults and hit the road. We were going to stay in the La Quinta, but when I went to the check in desk, I couldn't help but notice the large sign that read 'Pool Closed.' Well this was simply not going to work. What the the pee pee were we going to do with the younguns without a pool for the day? Went to the Comfort Suites, same sign. Kids were close to tears. Went to the Hampton, SAME DAMN SIGN!! What the hell everyone, STOP PEEING IN THE POOL! Sorry for my anger, but sadness was thick in the car that day. Finally we found a hotel in Lehi that had rooms and a pool so all was not completely lost. Swim, swim, fun, fun, but Addi has NO fear! She just assumes that someone will pull her to the surface so she just jumps in what ever pool is around her. She went from pool to hot tub and back again 48 thousand times, all with me sprinting behind her to make sure that her lungs didn't fill up. Geez kid! When will it work to tell her that the pool has sharks in it that only mommy can repel so she can only go in when I do?
Anyway, after a fun dinner and a wee bit of shopping, we were all ready to hit the hay. Addi however is on a constant high when her little cousins are around and would not settle down. I am going to check their breath for crack because that is what they emit into her system.
Finally the big day came and we loaded up to go to the fun filled Seven Peaks. Alright, it really sounds more fun that is actually is. Again, she is a daring little gal and I cant leave her side, and splashing simply ticks her off. But she was so happy when she was in the pool. So happy that she forgot how tired she was until just before we left and she crashed in about 4 seconds. Such a long day. Remember when it used to be fun to sprint around and try to ride everything....I'm old now. Sigh.

The next morning I had to get up at 5 (woke up at 4 because I am retarded) and drive to SLC to work in the Nordstrom sale. For those of you who do not attend this sale, it is a pretty big deal. So big in fact that at 7 am when they opened the doors, women were running in yelling things like "Where is the yellow sweater!!!" and "I NEED A DRESSING ROOM NOW!" I, being there only for the discount that I was promised, was terrified that they would run me over for a chance to get a shirt for 5 dollars off. One family had, and I am not exaggerating, 7 people in there room and they had it from 7 to noon. I finally went in and asked if they wanted me to order a pizza. They didn't realize I was kidding.
But it was pretty fun to see the chaos and see how much people can spend. And I did walk away with some sweet stuff. I did realize that I have a minor addiction to shoes, here are some of my prizes:
Can you stand them! Her first running shoes! She is going to be fast!

How cute are these Crocs? (Addi's again!)
Yes they are Nike and they have polka dot foot beds. How could I resist?

And now for mama's shoes. This picture does not even show how cute they really are. Chocolate suede. Yum.
And these black cuties. If my feet didn't hurt from being on them for two solid days in heels, I would have modeled them. I thought the blisters would scare you away.
If you get a chance, go see the stuff, at least the shoes. So much fun.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Sweetie

I like summer. I like going outside and feeling the warmth on my skin. I like knowing that I can go outside at any moment without my shoes on and feel just fine. I like wearing as little as possible and trying to find new wonderful ways to spend the days.
And I like my adorable Addi.
What a bathing beauty she is.
I will always remember this first 'real' summer together (what the pee pee can you do with an infant in the summer!?!)
We have had so much fun!
What a babe!
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