Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finally...a new post!

We have been busy. Really it's true. Ron keeps asking me when I am going to update so it is finally here. I'm updating.
1. We finally moved! Yippie! Our house is alas done (kinda) and we are living there. No we do not have blinds yet (lucky neighbors) nor mirrors in anyone but Addi's bathroom, and we do not have toilet paper holders yet (they are in some closet somewhere) but we have heat, we have food, we have cable so our lives are good.
This is the front, door still needs to be painted, but it is awesome, I still feel proud driving up to it.
Here are some of my favorite things:

My kitchen, ahhh. I love my kitchen. Ron totally spoiled me in this area. I love my ovens, I love my big giant sink, I love my cabinets and bar. Sadly, the thing I am most armored with is my ice maker/crusher. Our fridge is the bomb. It can make snow cones! But I love the crushed setting. I have never drank so much in my life, sadly for those of you that know me, I do not like ice WATER, so what I drink with my crushed ice daily is not exactly healthy....

This is our great room, I love our giant cozy fireplace and big windows. You can tell a chick made this house because our TV is totally dwarfed by the giant hearth.
This is my sweet claw foot tub, sadly our plumber sucks and has still not hooked it up. Sucky plumbers, plus without blinds the show would be wild so I guess I just have to stare at it till its all resolved. Sigh.

Addi's room is getting done for Christmas, she gets her big girl bed and all that jazz so I will get pictures of that later.

Our house really feels like home now. The first couple of nights were a tad rough because Addi misses her Grandma (and her grandma's bed) so very much, but I think she likes that everything is all on the one floor so she knows I cant hide from her like I used to. I love this place and I feel so lucky to have a husband who works this hard for us.

Speaking of hard work....
2. Thanksgiving Picture:
We wanted to share with everyone why we are so Thankful this year...

If you cant read her shirt is says BIG SISTER! We decided that since we cant afford furniture for our house, we might as well fill it up in other ways! Our new baby, or (Addi's baby) like she says will come to us in late June, (good timing Ronny!)Addi is pumped, she has been a good little nurse and is so cute when my face is in the toilet. She will say:

"Does your belly hurt mommy?"
"Ya, I don't feel very good."

"It is the baby?"

"Ya, I think it is the baby."

"It's a big baby hu?"

"Not yet but it will be."

"I want to hold her."

Then she cries until I tell her that we cant hold the baby yet and she thinks I am mean. But soon enough she will get to hold the heck out of it, I promise!