Monday, March 31, 2008

Will I go to Hell or just be fat forever?


Me and my neighbor decided that it was time to start running again, and our first mission was a 5k. I wake up Saturday morning about 15 minutes before I needed to be loaded up with two running strollers, two babies and my neighbor and niece. Needless to say we got a little bit of a late start. We put the peddle to the metal and hurried up to the start....only like 8 minutes late, and hurried and slammed our babies into their strollers and ran to what we thought was the beginning. Anyone who lives in Northern Utah would know that Saturday was not a pretty day. In fact, while we were loading up, the first of many SNOW (I know, what is the effing date?) anyway, it was not a great day to do anything but sit inside and watch the Saturday morning toons.

We saw an officer sitting in his car blocking the traffic and we asked him if the place we were was the starting line, he politely nodded (I am sure he was hiding his laughter at the three stupid, late girls and their sad infants who showed up late.) So we started running and suddenly the pack of on time runners were coming straight for us. They were also hiding their laughter and were too consumed with their running rhythm or the pumping beat of Justin Timberlake on their I-Pods that they never told us we were going the wrong way. After a few strides, we decided to finally stop someone and ask if this was the way they had started the race as well and low and behold, it was not. So what to do, keep running despite the fact that we couldn't feel our fingers anymore, the fact that Addison was bawling by then, and the fact that we had no idea where we were running to....or just join the pack? We chose the latter.
So the 5k turned into a .5k but still counts right? So does cheating on a run resort in Hell or just cellulite? I guess we will all see.

Of course, the best part was the giant breakfast that we enjoyed for our hard effort. Addi was awesome once we got their and began using my hash browns as confetti all over the restaurant! I love races!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

My favorite time of the year!

I have been blog absent for awhile. I guess I have been too busy with the dreaded softball (still not ready to discuss that), trying to find a sitter for Addi while I am at the previously noted horror, and fighting my brain tumor (alright, just bad headaches each and every day). But I am trying to have a better attitude today because it is my FAVORITE day of the year...Easter!

It is officially Spring everyone! I am so happy I am pooping easter eggs! I simply love it all. I love playing in the park with my baby...

Now all the fun Easter festivities! I forced Ron and Addi into dying eggs with me, Addi tried to bite through the shell, and she is a determined little lady so I guess tried is the complete wrong word. After we got the shells out of her mouth, I realized that she wanted nothing to do with the eggs and simply wanted to go to bed after having to spend the entire afternoon at the ball park... There was also the fun egg dipping with the cousins....we strapped her in the high chair so no more eggs would be punished.
Easter morning finally arrived and Addi was the best little basket hunter! Alright, it was right in the middle of the floor, but she got a kick out of the cool stuff the Easter bunny left her, she got 5 new binkies that Macie had her eye on all morning, a new vibrating tooth brush (we dont believe in manual labor) and new bath toys that Ron read were made in China so they went promptly in the garbage. Sigh. We also got to go to our stake conference where Jeffery R. Holland spoke and it was absolutly amazing! Both his message and the fact that Addi slept the entire time so I actually got to listen! Awesome day!
Too many cute picts to post them all...time for a slide show!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have heard of sleep WALKING...

This blog will show how inept I am as a mother in that I simply can not put my baby to sleep, nor can she last the entire night in her crib. But I think I know why...we have a sleep crawler on our hands!
Anywhere between 11-2 Addi usually wants to come in bed with me, and I am in a coma by then so instead of losing more sleep I just bring her in with us. She falls asleep instantly and all is good, then suddenly I awake to see my baby sitting upright in the moonlight and immediately dart for the edge of the bed. Seriously, she sprint-crawls right to the edge of the bed and if I was a sound sleeper, she would be in Toronto by now! I don't know if she is even awake, and if she is....WHY???? I swear she is a nut, and I also swear that all you parents whose kids go to bed at night and stay asleep are on crack! That does NOT happen! So I am trying to decide if I should just make my bed into a giant crib or if I should stack pillows on the floor. Either way, if anyone knows of a good support group for sleep crawlers, let me know.