Monday, April 14, 2008

soooo much to say....

This has been a busy week. It is all deserving of a mention so just be patient....or not, you can just pretend you read it. We all do it, I wont feel bad.

Thursday was a very traumatic day for Roy High Softball. It was just a practice for us, and they have been doing so good! (Ranked 4th in the state in the Trib...5th in the Deseret) It was cold (imagine that) and I was sick of doing nothing while everyone else was playing work ups. I asked my brother if I could play and he obliged an old lady. My dad was pitching to us all and I was up to bat. Anyone who has played ball with me does not remember me as a power house hitter so no one was concerned. Then trauma struck...I had two strikes on me (stupid change ups) and I was determined to hit the ball...but not right into the eye of my father! AHHHH! Of course I went a little nuts, I was bawling hysterically as my father was lying in blood. He is fine, but that may have been the last of my hitting days.

My dads first black eye and this is several days later and after much of the swelling had gone down.

Saturday was Addison's 1st birthday! So many mixed emotions for this. I cant believe she is one and I cant believe how wonderful she is, but I already feel like she is off to college and leaving me. I have mommy anxiety and I just feel like she is growing too fast!
Then Now

For her birthday we decided to go to the best place on earth, Disneyland? Nope! Baby Animal Day! I look forward to this day all year long and when it is finally here I as as giddy as a lamb on crack! So many pictures to show, but I will highlight a few of them:

Don't we all wish we could do that!

Crazy cute with the cow!

If you notice, Addi is trying to kill the poor chick.

Us with a cute bunny!

Duck kiss. If she gets the bird flu I will kill myself.

Needless to say it is the greatest day ever! I think every person in the world she go!

Then we had her birthday party! We had so much fun, so much food (thanks for the cilantro lime salad Lauren....YUMMY), and so many presents! I loved having everyone around. She was a great host and loved her presents. The cake was a little too intense for words and her mommy made a dumb red velvet cake with like 4 bottles of food coloring and she bawled when we didn't want to hold her immediately after! Sorry bugs, never again!

Her loot
Her favorite present. Feed her, hugged her. I told Ron she is ready for a bro/sis.
Singing! Are you all proud of my cake!
Post sugar rush melt down!
Happy first Addison, you are pure joy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

To a life time of frosting!

How cute is this baby? Already a budding chef and she has to taste EVERYTHING there is to taste. And lets be honest, this is everyones rub frosting all over our faces! Lucky girl!

Friday, April 4, 2008

So proud

For those of you who dont know, me and my brother and dad coach Roy High softball. The ONLY reason I took the job 2 years ago was because I knew that this year would come and my beautiful niece would come up to play. She is here now and it is fun....kinda. Having three people to yell at her and correct every tincy tiny thing she does can be a hard life in high school. But I guess it pays off.

Yesterday MaCauley threw her first no hitter of her high school career. I swear I cant remember throwing that good for a long time after....if ever. This wasnt even against that bad of a team, Skyview was ranked 3rd in the state last week and she beat them 10 to nothing. I am just so proud of all the hard work and determination she has put in, not to mention all the crap she gets from having to play for her family. Poor girl.

Sometimes it is so hard to watch her pitch, I just want her to be happy, and I remember a lot of the time thinking that pitching was not such a fun game. I remember when she was little telling her that second base was a cool position and she should just stick to that....she didnt. It was crazy watching her play on the field that I played on 10 years ago, she even had this pony flip that I swear she just picked up yesterday. Maybe she is trying to be like me. I want her to be much better than that.

I am so proud of her. She is my role model.