Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

I have always loved Spring. Therefore, I have always loved Easter (even before the creation of Cadbury Mini Eggs I loved Easter, that just heightened the love.) Anyway, this year it was the best times 10! Easter, Spring Break, Baby Animal Day, and my baby's second birthday all rolled into one awesome weekend. Best weekend ever!
1. Baby Animal Day:
My cute husbie took me there our first year of marriage knowing that from that point on I could never divorce him due to the immense gratitude for him for bringing this perfect event into my life. I love everything about it. I love the mud, I love the animal poop, I love that I can just walk up and shove kids out of the way in order to pluck up a baby duck and hold him in my hands. It is simply perfect and this year was no exception. Addi was pumped, she got to run around outside and scream animal sounds and pet all sorts of animals. We went with her two grandmas her little girl cousins and her aunt. I think her favorite was the "Camel Ride" which is really just a horse ride but there is the one Wiggles song that they go on a camel ride so now that is just what any ride has turned into. She was so ticked when I took her off! My favorite was the Pygmy goats. Holy Moses were they cute! Seriously, I wanted to hold it to my chest for the rest of my life and just look in his (or her, I cant tell) eyes. Trying to decided how many I will own when we get our house.

2. Addi's Birthday Party:
Since Addi's actual birthday was on Easter, we had her party on Friday. Did she really know what was going on? No, but she was pumped to get balloons and play with her cousins and have everyone give her lots of crap. It was awesome and she had a blast. She was thrilled to get new little dollies and then her crafty little mama made her an awesome little house if I do say so myself:

Notice the nightgown? No she did not wear that to the party but as soon as she opened it she had to put it on!

The house goes over just a regular card table and it is made of felt. I saw them on Etsy but I am much too cheap to pay what they wanted so about $20 and about 9000 hours later she had her house. All the stuff comes off so she can pick apples or plant flowers or feed her dog. Mostly she just sits inside and plays with her dollies or watches movies. She is cute. I like her.
3. Easter Egg Hunt 2009:
I have helped my brother MC the Roy Easter egg hunt for the last few years and usually have success at it. Not so much this year. I would like to blame the crappy speaker system. I would like to blame Addi for freaking out right before it started over the fact that no one would just let her go pick up some damn bubbles. I would like to blame the stupid kids for not listening to me correctly. But alas, the blame falls on me for saying some of the worst words ever:
"Three minutes to GO until the start of the hunt" Was what I said. They just heard the GO part. Then I started screaming:
"No, NO, NOOOOO" Which I assume sounded more like "Go, GO, GOOOOOOO!" needless to say once they went, they were not coming back and I stood there like a fool waiting for crazy moms to come up to me and say how I ruined their kids entire Easter. Luckily they remembered that it was all free candy and there was not too many people that wanted to rip my throat out.

4. Easter/Real Birthday:
Again, I love Easter so I was automatically thrilled to wake up. When we went downstairs and she saw her basket she screamed "BUNNY!" and ran to her stuff. She was excited to get an Ariel doll that went in to tub with her, she liked her new Monsters Inc movie, but the candy was not such a hit. She got some cotton candy (who hates cotton candy, come on Addi) and as soon as it hit her tongue she started scraping it off with her nails to try to rid her mouth of the wicked melting confection. Marshmallow frogs, also spit out. However, her dad's Reece's eggs were good enough to eat several of! The hunts were alright, she was not too into them but picked up some eggs occasionally. Good day. She really did have no idea it was her real birthday though, whenever someone would ask her whose birthday it was she would promptly say that it was the bunny's.
Cute Hu?