Friday, January 16, 2009

RTT Catch Up

I have taken quite a blogging hiatus and now am back to attack you with more of my thoughts, ideas, loves and blunders.
1. Christmas Break:
Christmas break this year was amazing. The best ever. Ron has been so busy all year with football, swimming, and drivers ed that we very rarely see him for more than 3 waking hours a day so having him home all the time was quite a surprise. At first me and Addi didn't know what to do with him, but we quickly realized that it was awesome! Ron and bugs played like crazy and they are sure cute to watch. Ron is willing to be pummeled by her raging fists of fury and take head butt after head butt while mommy peacefully sits on the couch sipping hot cocoa. (Mommy doesn't play those games)
2. Why I should never buy gifts:
I was so very excited for Christmas, I thought I had every present that my little lady would want with all her heart. I bought her the adorable doll house...
This was her Phineas doll that her daddy gave her (notice the cheese lined lips)

These were her Mickey Mouse figures, notice the word 'were' I think we still own one chipmunk, Donald and Mickey with his nose cut off.
The awesome giant vat of cheese balls that she spent 10 minutes giving all her attention to.

I thought she would love the cool bike she got to rock, ride and race on...
But boy was I wrong. I don't know my daughter at all and what she really wanted I failed to get which led to a complete Jesus's Birthday melt-down! Her cute cousins both got little fairy outfits and barbies. I didn't know Addi was into fairy outfits and barbies. I am a bad mom and should have her taken away from me and given to a mother who knows best. Since she is the youngest, she eventually got her way and the other two had to forfeit their toys so the crying would stop.

3. New Year's Competition:
About 5 years our family came up with a new thing to do on New Years to bring a little more competition to the table for our family. We pick a theme and have ourselves an Iron Chef inspired feast. This years theme was appetizers because we usually have too much food and then we end up feeling bloated and too tired to stay up till midnight so this year we tried to scale back. It is also nice to have the bragging rights of the winner, and knowing who the judges were (nephews Greyson and Chase) I was gunning for the prize.

To the anger and disappointment of my brothers and sister-in-laws, I came home with the victory! IN YOUR FACE JERKS!!! It was my delicious meatloaf sliders with garlic-horseradish aioli and cheese fritters on focaccia that won. Nice wording hu?
4. Softball
So that was the Holidays, now that we are back to school we had to start open gyms. Suckiest time of softball ever. Seriously, why do kids who are afraid of the ball want to come to a place where balls are flying everywhere? I don't understand how they think it is fun. You cant tell them that they should go home or to a bomb shelter (due to their total lack of athleticism and they will get hurt in the world) because it is open gyms and anyone can show up. Which is awesome for a special ed teacher because they all think I wont cut them because I am their 'nice' teacher....they are wrong. Anyway, here we go!