Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I remember when I was in high school and I used to fantasize about being pregnant. I would picture myself blissfully eating ice cream while my husband rubbed my feet and we watched while our fetus gently poked at my barely large belly.
I also thought that I would never pass gas in front of a boy and that I would fix every meal nutritiously for my family.
Needless to say, I was not right about everything.
I have to admit that this pregnancy is better than I remember the first one being. I am not CRAZY tired like I was with Addi, but I think that working only part time is the reason for the increased energy. Plus with one kid, you really don't have the opportunity to sit around all day on a Saturday and watch movie after movie. (ahh, those were the days.)
So although I really do feel pretty good this pregnancy, lets talk about things that drive me crazy. Most of my friends are skinny little girls. I always just pretended to be a skinny little girl but it really was just all in my head. I'm not skinny. I have accepted that. What I cant accept is when SERIOUSLY skinny girls place weekly pictures on their blog about their upcoming births and how BIG they are getting when they still have their pre-prego pants totally on until birth. I look pregnant. I often want to lie to strangers when they ask how far along I am just so I don't have to admit that I am really just big. Heaven forbid you have to grunt when you pick things up at 5 months because you really have something in the way, not just kinda in the way, but really in the way.
Last week I found this show on TLC or something called Obese and Pregnant. I loved it. I suddenly felt thin and thought how I would totally be the envy of them. Just them, but that was enough for then.
I am just nervous. I know most of you out there have two or more children....so how did you do it? I am pooping myself thinking about having to nurse all night and then still act with it enough to make Addi's morning meal of hot dogs and eggs, (don't judge, she gets protein and carbs and fat all in one), anyway, how the crap am I going to do that?
The first year with Addi was just tough for me. Will this one be just as bad?
Lie to me people. Lie to me about everything. Tell me it will all be super easy and that this baby will sleep through the night, (this still does not happen with Addi thanks to an increasing number of nightmares about lizards, spiders and snakes) and when you see me tell me I look so crazy skinny that you think I may need to eat a sandwich and then we can go eat together. Deal? Thanks.