Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Were back!

Can you even stand that school has started again! Geez! By the end of the school year I find that I will miss the kids that I teach, miss the time that I spend with them and for the first two weeks of summer I find that it is kinda tough on me and I don't know quite what to do with all the time I have on my hands....then I get over that.
1. The new place:

The hole
This summer was amazing. Addi was simply oozing adorablility and the three of us had a great summer filled with all the summer things...kinda. Mostly we were just obsessing over out the building of our house and the selling of our townhouse. Addi was so sick of tile and carpet stores that she would purposefully try to inflict wounds on herself to make us leave. She also grew a distinct hatred of any wood type structure which did not go along great with our plans of going to look at the progress of our upcoming house every day. Hopefully this is not a sign that she will always hate the place because she is doomed to live there...forever, because once we move in I will never move again. I will have more pictures soon.

2. Why I will never move again:
Her tearfully saying goodbye to our purple door
I am so sick of this statement given to me by my husband at least 12 times a day while moving things that I certainly have to business moving; "I thought I married a college athlete, not some wimpy girl that cant carry things." To which I scream from the top of my lungs; "I carried a ball damnit, not an effing entertainment center!"
It was good.
I just get angry because he has like 50 football players at this disposal and could simply bring them in and move it all in one fail, not achy back move. But no, he thinks we are bonding. People say that building a house is rough on a marriage, I disagree, the MOVE is rough on the marriage! By the way, moving is also lame because I forget why the pee pee I ever bought half of the stuff I am putting in box after box. Most things must pass this test... do I really want it, or would it be easier just to buy more after we move? I wish dishes and pots and pans fit that bill, they sucked. But at least we did sell our house in like 26 days and we are officially homeless until then. Poor Stan and Judy are taking us in for the next 6 weeks or so.

3. Actual fun summer stuff:

This was us at the fair...I love a good fair
It was not all bad and it was not all back breaking (although I put on like 10 lbs in stress weight! When I couldn't decided on what cabinets I wanted, I ate everything in them, when I couldn't decide what flooring I wanted, I dumped food on the floor and just ate till I forgot what the floor was, hence, 10 lbs. Yikes.) Anyway, we swam a lot, went to the fair, played at every park in the state of Utah and just enjoyed the heat. It was nice. I will miss it.
Willow Park in Logan with the animals.

The best park ever in Kaysville, it looks like a castle, any princess would be thrilled.

stealing some love from my baby.

We also spent about half of the summer (or so it felt, at every Parade of Home we could find, Addi loved jumping on other peoples beds and looking at all the cool stuff. I loved it too.
We spent so much time in that car her bum was glued to it! I loved to snap all the times that she totally crashed in her chair, made me laugh and giggle every time.