Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chrismas Time is Here

It's been quite awhile since our last post but what is terrifying is how fast time has flied.  The holidays are simply crazy people.
Thanksgiving was fun.  I love my mom's stuffing more than most people love their children so having a plate full of that always makes me a happy camper.  The day after was awesome when me and my mom spent the day going from store to store to scope out some deals.  I was pumped to find the last pack of 'Flaries' at Toys R Us.  Anyone else have a "Fashion Fairytale" lover out there?  Awesome.  However since I have been scouring the shelves since October for Christmas stuff, I was really just getting stuff to get stuff.   I am so crazy excited for this Christmas.  Addi truly understands that there is this guy that will literally come into your home and leave you toys.  She is pumped.  So am I.  Aside form everything she sees on TV that she wants, she will tell you automatically that she wants a LaLaLoopsy for Christmas, the one with the purple crown and the kitty. 

While I know that is what she says she wants, she will be so much more happy with what is is also getting from the big guy:
She is going to pee her pants with happiness.  This is all we do all day anyway so now at least we have an awesome doll house to play it in.
Meanwhile, Ellie gets:
We are givers.
Last night was Addi's preschool program.  So much fun!  She is boarder line ADD (self diagnosis) so it is always fun to watch when she gets sick of doing the norm and has her own program.

Standing while they were supposed to be sitting (at least she had another naughty one)

Sitting and sucking while the rest are standing

Doing her own awesome choreography.

Ellie thought it was the greatest show ever.
Speaking of Ellie, how cute is this baby?

I really like her.

Merry Christmas everyone.  May your holidays be as wonderful as you all are!