Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween is awesome. The kids get all excited all month long, spooky decorations are placed, punkins are carved...then after about 5 houses of trick or treating they are done and ready to go home. Pretty sweet indeed.

This is a recap of our events:

Playdate party:

I will take any excuse to have a party. So when Addi asked if her friends could come over to a Halloween party I was all over it.

turning into mummies

spooky food...thanks for the ideas pinterest

monsters out of playdough
Pumpkins Carved:

Growing up in the Flint family we didn't do pumpkin carving. If you ask my mom she simply replies that it is way too messy to be allowed. My dad however was constantly convinced that fingers would be left inside the punkin cavity and I'm pretty sure he still has nightmares about the possibility of that. So when Addi begged to carve some this year I was at a loss. I simply didn't know how to go about that. But Ronnie is a pro and carve we did:

Addi choose the classic, triangles and teeth.  I attempted a kitty but will improve with more experience people, dont judge.  Ron did the pi symbol...he thinks he is witty.

This part made both Addi and Ron gag.  That made me giggle.
This was all the cousins:  Witch, Chase's girlfriend, Chase was the creepy mask guy, Grey and Kru were Ron Burgundy and Brick, Cauley had to dress like The Situation for her softball halloween party, and my gals were the cute ones:  an Angel and a Ghost

Look how pumped Ellie was!  I love that face, Halloween is awesome!
One of my favorites things that happened was that Addi's school party was actually the day after on November 1st, she was so sick of being an Angel that she told me she was done with that costume.  Which secretely made me happy because all I could think about was her trying to take off her leotard by herself when she had to pee.  That would have been rough.  So we improvised...
track suit + sweat band + 1/2 marathon medal = runner.  Classic.
Needless to say by today I was done with Halloween, every decoration was ripped down and I felt like a weight had been lifted. Now all Addi can talk about is Christmas. She just wants everything on TV, not a lot, just everything. It will be quite a year.

Happy Halloween everyone!