Thursday, June 12, 2008


Our first trip to the zoo! Even though I would have to point out every animal and use my "that is the coolest thing I have ever seen" voice for every thing we saw, it was still a great day. I had the best time I think, I love little trips like this! I even started crying while taking her on the carousel because she was having just so much fun and I kept thinking..."I get to do this. I get to watch ever new thing she does and she is the most amazing thing ever." I stopped because what kind a crazy cries will on a carousel?

Anyway, lots of good times had at the zoo....

I warned her that this was the only spider that could NOT hurt her....then she fell on it and I became the biggest liar ever. But still, all spiders will hurt you.

Daddy and Bugs by the bear....grrr.

This is that cool picture where we look like we are looking at the best animal ever....we were probably watching a kid eat a pretzel.

She is kissing the monkey...I think he wanted to throw poop at us.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was actually thrilled to be tagged! I feel I have nothing to say lately. School is out (sweet), softball is over (we took 5th...sigh), Addi is deathly ill (why wouldn't she be, schools out and softball is over, time to punish mom for her absence) So a tag is just what I needed to get back to the old blogging... Thanks Tice, cant want to hang out for at least 10 days in July!

What I was doing...10 years ago:
June 2008...hmmm, still basking in the glory of being a high school graduate, winning state, and playing more softball. I was also thinking that Rexburg was going to be the best place ever, oh the innocence of youth!
5 years ago:
June 2003, I was getting ready for my wedding! I was going to be married in about two months so I was working out like two times a day and working like a fool for my brother, I had just gotten done with college softball and had all the time in the you guys sometimes miss those days?
5 months ago:
February...I don't remember! It was still like 2 degrees all the time so me and Addi did a lot of shopping!
5 things on my to do list…
-Do laundry…I have laundry too Tice! And I have nothing else in my life! I don't even bother smelling my clothes any more...they are all dirty!
-Go to the gym!
-Clean the house...seriously, it is just the start of summer break! I cant get motivated to do anything!
-Get my phone fixed, if I have not called you, it may be because I have 3 numbers in my phone!
-Figure out what I have to teach on Sunday....damn Sunbeams!
5 snacks i enjoy...
- Hummus on yummy crackers
-Popcorn with parm cheese on it!
-Coke found love that I was forced into when I started to try and lose weight
-Big glorious crazy good and gooey brownies
-5 Things I Would Do If I Were Suddenly a Billionaire...
-Buy a sweet house....hopefully in Roy
-Throw out all furniture and start over (yes, including the wonderful couch Ron!)
-Hire a maid
-Go on great vacations
-Oh the shopping I could do!
5 Bad Habits:
- I am the best procrastinator in the world!
-I am the world wife/homemaker in the world! My dad warned Ron that i would be a terrible wife, he should have listened!
-Not sleep training Addi, I know what I should do, I just am a push over
- Being a push over!
-I am no good at calling people back either Tice! Shoot, sorry!
5 Places I Have Lived...
- Roy, UT
- Rexburg, Idaho
-Cedar City, UT
- Orem, Utah
- Springville, Utah
5 Jobs I've Had...:
-Roy Recreation! I will never get rid of this job! I have to go back next week!
-5 buck pizza...I didn't even quit, I just stopped going! I was Young and sucked!
-Mount Ogden Eye Center
-Roy High School Teacher
- 5 People I Tag…
- Lori Burchell
- McKelle Stanley
- Cynthia Fallowfield
- Lisa Lee (if you get a spare moment!)
- Lauren Perry,and anyone else that wants to do it!!! It’s pretty fun! It will get you out of blog block!