Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Breaking the Habit

We did it. I really feel like a parent now. Remember how in my last post I swore that I would take that binkie from her soon? Raise your hand if you really believed me? (There should be absolutely no hands raised. Not only would you look foolish raising your hand to your computer, but I myself didn't believe that I would really have the guts to take it away!)
Well we did. I did my research last week and looked at the post from The Idea Room (thanks Kate, I saw it too.) Liked some of the ideas but finally decided to go with one about Build-a-Bear. Knowing my husband would only go for this type of a place on a special occasion like this (seriously build a bear, you are a little pricey, I bought Addi's swimsuit for way less than this one!) And I knew Addi would be so thrilled to make a stuffed animal of her own. So, with thousands of knots in my stomach, we dove in.
I had talked to her all morning about what we were going to to and I have this weird way of scaring her (and scarring her) all at the same time. I told her she was getting so big and that she would be going to school before she knew it, but the kicker was when I told her that it was making her teeth funny. That did it, she looked at me and spit that cute little mouth piece out right then. Kinda like the time that I told her she had to hold my hand in the street so that cars wouldn't hit her and now she wont step on anything black for fear that a speeding car would immediately arrive out of no where and plow into her. Good solid parenting people. I will write a book later.
ANYWAY, I let her have the binkie while we played in the fountains and while we looked at a few stores; I let her have that sweet bink for her last hurrah. Every time I would look at her and her cute little binkie face I would feel the guilt pulse in my gut. Finally in the store she picked out her cute monkey and I held my breath as she shoved her last remaining binkie into the animal. All was good, she got a cute monkey, she dressed it and named it and was happy as pie....for about 3 minutes until she asked to have her binkie back.
(Final binkie taking the plunge)
(I think this is when she realized the mistake that she had made)
(this is about 3 minutes after when she asked for her binkie back...and my heart sunk)
I wish that I would have a clicker to mark how many times over the last few days she has asked for one. She has even asked to open the monkey or go to the store where we can just buy more binkies, and despite the fact that I have often times wanted to rip open the monkey myself, we have hung in there. Sometimes I picture her sitting in a corner with scissors in her hand and the carnage of the monkey around her with her binkies all in her mouth. We will see how long it takes to break the bond. Naps and night time is hard and I liken it to a smoker, she just cant seem to relax without her 'fix' but we are very proud of her and how she has handled it all. I however, am exhausted! I miss the binkie so very much but I vow that when little sis comes she will NOT have her binkie this long. Addi is much too verbal and too convincing now (even more so at night when she is used to being soothed so now she has long in depth conversations at night and I don't have her 'off' button anymore!) Next time I will need to make my attack when she is young and cant convince me otherwise.
Finished product!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh Georgie!

This past weekend was the annual St. George trip for our softball trip. I always freak out thinking of all the ways that the trip could go wrong. Being responsible for not only my little family (the treats, the movies needed, the amount of apple juice/coke, don't judge, my fetus love caffeine), but I am also responsible for 16 other gals that are sometimes rather needy (again, treats, drinks-rockstar in this case despite their coaches warnings) I don't know how those crazy Duggers do it, crazy I tell you.
Despite the worries, it was a good weekend. Addi has discovered the love of Barbi movies so she was captivated by stories of mermaids and fairies and me and Ron were pumped that she loves her new headphones so we didn't have to hear the phrase "Let's do a makeover!" one more time. She is also kinda nuts when it comes to trinkets so each place we stopped she would pick up a rock....
(see rock in poised right hand, also see hand that had to be held during ride, my shoulders hurt so bad by the end. Also notice binkie...swear people, this week, but each time I bring it up that the binkie fairy is coming she freaks out and acts like Satan himself is coming to steal her soul. I'm scared. Calling for reinforcements her people!)
We spent the weekend swimming and traveling to and from ball parks. The gals did good and won all three games (would have played more but the skies opened up and dropped gallons on us.)
My poor sweet husbie got to spend his 36th pretending to like softball and dealing with stress case mommy. This was our hotel celebration:
Ron is terrible to buy presents for! Seriously sucks! He tells me that I should be thankful that he is an unwanting fellow. Why is it that I want everything: New clothes, shoes, jewelry, liposuction, an absence of pregnancy induced hip dysplaysia, an automatic hair washer; you get the idea, I want stuff. So for HIS birthday, he bought ME this baby. Oh how I love it. We watch movies, have cool kid apps that help Addi spell and match stuff, and my favorites: Bejeweled
and Doodle Jump . I love this thing, I try to hide it under the covers at night so I can sneak in a couple games and increase my high scores. He is such a little sweetie for buying me his birthday present!
Addi is very into picture taking and wants to make silly faces constantly, too bad she is not very good at them and will not look at the camera.