Friday, January 15, 2010

Vomit can be so cute.

(this picture was as close to looking like she was throwing up that I could find, I think we were really just trying to make funny faces)
Addi is pretty sweet...most of the time, but when she is sick, she is seriously the sweetest thing ever.

I always thought that having your baby throw up would be scary, that they would be scared that crazy stuff was being heaved from their mouth and would send them into a complete panic. I think Addi kinda likes it.


Not even a problem.

So a couple nights ago when she woke us as 2 o'clock (yes, she was in our bed, get over it.) So when she woke us up with a spray of chunky red (strawberry crystal lite and various foods) I was not very surprised that it just makes her a little jabber jaws.

Conversation is as follows:

"Oh Addi, I'm sorry does your tummy hurt?"

"No I feel all better."

"Good, lets clean you up."

Changed Jammie's, let her wear her cow ones that I try to hide because she wants to wear them 24/7. While me and Ron were scrambling trying to change pillows and sheets and get goopy blankets out of the way, she says:

"Oh mommy, I'm so very, very sorry."

"Addi, you don't have anything to be sorry for, you are the best girl ever"

"Oh, I am? Alright."

Ron went off about how I have taught her the immense guilt that I always feel for each and every thing regardless of it had anything to do with me. I would blame my mother for teaching me this guilt ridden path, but I would feel bad for putting the blame on her so I wont. I guess it is a chain that cant be broken.

Then we cuddled up again and went to sleep. How cute can vomit be?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a....

At our last doctors appt the doc asked if he wanted to know what the gender of our baby was.
Lets list the pro's and con's of each:
pro--they are sweet, seriously, Addi is tender and loving and all the things girls are, at least until they turn 12, then they change into what I teach and that is on the con list.
con--they are a little TOO tender. When I tell Addi not to do something, she usually sticks her lip out and cries.
pro--we have all sorts of adorable cloths from Addi.
con--there are so many more adorable things that I want to buy.
Lots more but lets get on with this:
pro--I have always wanted a boy. They are tough and cool and stuff.
con--I don't know how to raise boys! I am so intimidated by having to make them manly and athletic and all things boy. What if I raised a wimp, how would that go over in my family?
pro--I would get to buy all new baby boy stuff with alligators, and lions, and monkeys and stuff like that.
con--Ronny does not want to buy all new stuff, alligators or not.

In Addi's eyes it had to either be a girl or a puppy.
I try to make my daughter happy.
We are very excited. Ron wanted Addi to have a partner in crime and I am just excited to put more bows on the heads of our little baby. Everyone is thrilled.