Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finally...a new post!

We have been busy. Really it's true. Ron keeps asking me when I am going to update so it is finally here. I'm updating.
1. We finally moved! Yippie! Our house is alas done (kinda) and we are living there. No we do not have blinds yet (lucky neighbors) nor mirrors in anyone but Addi's bathroom, and we do not have toilet paper holders yet (they are in some closet somewhere) but we have heat, we have food, we have cable so our lives are good.
This is the front, door still needs to be painted, but it is awesome, I still feel proud driving up to it.
Here are some of my favorite things:

My kitchen, ahhh. I love my kitchen. Ron totally spoiled me in this area. I love my ovens, I love my big giant sink, I love my cabinets and bar. Sadly, the thing I am most armored with is my ice maker/crusher. Our fridge is the bomb. It can make snow cones! But I love the crushed setting. I have never drank so much in my life, sadly for those of you that know me, I do not like ice WATER, so what I drink with my crushed ice daily is not exactly healthy....

This is our great room, I love our giant cozy fireplace and big windows. You can tell a chick made this house because our TV is totally dwarfed by the giant hearth.
This is my sweet claw foot tub, sadly our plumber sucks and has still not hooked it up. Sucky plumbers, plus without blinds the show would be wild so I guess I just have to stare at it till its all resolved. Sigh.

Addi's room is getting done for Christmas, she gets her big girl bed and all that jazz so I will get pictures of that later.

Our house really feels like home now. The first couple of nights were a tad rough because Addi misses her Grandma (and her grandma's bed) so very much, but I think she likes that everything is all on the one floor so she knows I cant hide from her like I used to. I love this place and I feel so lucky to have a husband who works this hard for us.

Speaking of hard work....
2. Thanksgiving Picture:
We wanted to share with everyone why we are so Thankful this year...

If you cant read her shirt is says BIG SISTER! We decided that since we cant afford furniture for our house, we might as well fill it up in other ways! Our new baby, or (Addi's baby) like she says will come to us in late June, (good timing Ronny!)Addi is pumped, she has been a good little nurse and is so cute when my face is in the toilet. She will say:

"Does your belly hurt mommy?"
"Ya, I don't feel very good."

"It is the baby?"

"Ya, I think it is the baby."

"It's a big baby hu?"

"Not yet but it will be."

"I want to hold her."

Then she cries until I tell her that we cant hold the baby yet and she thinks I am mean. But soon enough she will get to hold the heck out of it, I promise!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday we went to the library to have toddler time. We went once last year with Cheyenne and Hallie but it was kinda rough...Addi was only about 1 1/2 at the time and would rather run around than listen to anyone tell her anything. I quickly gave up.

A year later I realized just how much she really needs to learn how to be a big girl (sigh) and sit in a class, so off we went to the library. She loves the library on a regular basis, we go once a week to play with blocks and puzzles and get me a book to read while she watches Phineas and Ferb for the 8 millionth time (she still makes me sit by her the entire time...unless I tell her I have to go potty...then I sneak away to do laundry or something until she notices that it really does not take that long to pee and beckons me back). By the way, if your kids like P & F, you really should buy the music CD. Addi jams so hard in the backseat when we listen to it. I don't think she knows what "like a ninja of love repealing down from above" really means, but she sings it like she does.

Anyway, toddler time. We went last week and she loved it. She was still a little wander-ie, but good. Yesterday she was so crazy cute I could not handle it. She told me to sit in the chair and she went far away from me to sit on the carpet with the other kids.

I sat there watching my little girl learning about dinosaurs and interacting with the teacher like she was in real school. Crazy but my eyes quickly filled with tears thinking that she is getting so big. I know, what a wimp hu? But when did she get big on me? I had images of her as a 5 year old heading to Kindergarten, then as a 12 year old heading to 7th grade, then as a 15 year old entering high school. How did this happen, and why did she choose to wear that to her first day as a sophomore I thought.

Then she came over after it was over and asked for her binkie and my 2 year old came back to me again.

I guess everyone goes through this, but it was crazy to see her get so big right in front of me. Sigh.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just a small post...

I hate building a house. It is super lame and you all should avoid it at all costs. I remember when they said we would be living there in August....then it turned into September, oh for sure September...what is the date? Still shacking up with my folks. I love them so very much and am so very thankful for their generosity, but have you ever shoved an elephant into a shoebox....that is what it is like trying to shove all my daughters, Ronnie, and my own stuff into the space that we have. I get through the nights by imagining all the ways I will hang up my clothes into our new closets....someday.
My last post said we would be in by now...Nope. Evil builder lies they say to make your spirits high so they can crush it.
Anyway, everything else is good. Ron is almost done with football for the year. It is almost always sweatshirt weather which is excellent for hiding the bulges hanging over my pants, and Addi is healthy and happy.
So that will just have to get me through the rest of it all.
Quick question for all you seasoned mothers. Addi hates costumes. She really does. She hates having hats or things on her heads (except for the bows because she knows she is not getting out of that) She hates costumes, she hate tutus. Therefore, Halloween is a daunting task. I remember last year her crying hysterically when she had to wear her cute little candy corn costume. It was traumatic on us all. So this year I would love to have it be better...any ideas? Something that is a costume but does not FEEL like a costume. I would totally have her be naked and put tattoos all over her body...but that may lead to the authorities taking her away from me.
Notice the tattoos that we have to buy and put them all over her. She is an addict.
Soon, soon I will have something great to say, until then I will leave you with these pictures:
This is her supporting her daddy at the game. She kept yelling Go Daddy Go. She does not understand that he really is not one of those kids with the helmets on running around. I let her believe that so she keeps cheering because it is cute.This is me and her pulling faces in the car. We are cool.

This was our annual Gardner Village visit with my dear cousin McKelle and her cuties. This is the first time that Gwen and Addi really played together. It was cute...unless you were at that Quiznos while we were, you may not have thought they were as cute as I did.

This is at our photo shoot for family picts. Another thing she hates. This was when she had seriously had enough.

Friday, September 18, 2009

She's 2...Oh, that makes sense.

I have the cutest little girl in the world. I really do. But sometimes she is crazy and drives me slightly batty. When this happens and I vent to someone about it the usual reply is this.

"How old is she?"


"Oh, that makes sense."
Like this should erase the fact that she is kinda nuts and freaks out occasionally over things that I have no idea what to do about. Example you ask....Sure!

1. "I need a HAIRCUT"

Our poodle was getting a tad hairy, and with the weather still nice and scorching, she was panting her life away. So haircut she had. Addi was so excited to take her there and gave her a big kiss and told her we would be back soon. For the next three house she waited in eager anticipation to go get her puppy. When she finally got to see her she was pumped and said how adorable and cute her little puppy had become....then the crazy 2 year old came out.
(Inspiration for haircut, with princess cape that was later adorned by Addi)

" I need a haircut." She sweetly said

"No you don't baby, your hair is beautiful" I reply, thinking that I am talking to a logical being.

"No, I NEED a haircut." She said with more urgency and whine in her voice.

This proceeded for about 20 minutes before I decided that what she really needed was a nap and her intense feelings would all be fixed with a few winks. But what was the first thing she said/wailed?


So there I was, trying to alleviate my daughters poodle envy and finally I just quit and we went to the bathroom where I wet down her hair and cut off the smallest amount of hair ever cut from a head. She felt better.

This is post haircut...Pirate patch added for fun (No I did not get to pierce her ears, Ronnie wont let me, but we found some stickers ones that seriously are awesome, they stay on for days, seriously!) 2. Yo Gabba Gabba

Does anyone watch this? Oh heavens its funny. The first time I saw it I thought, Wow, this show is totally for crack heads, this is really a joke made by severe drug users and it is laced with subliminal messages urging their druggie ways of life. So imagine my surprise when I heard that it was made by a couple Mormon dads just trying to give their kids something to watch. And watch they will. Addi loves it. It has taught her some adorable songs like " Don't bite your friends" and "There's a party in my tummy." Good life lessons involved there.
Her gabba guys
It has also given her another thing to desire when we go shopping. She now owns all the creepy guys and we have a good time reenacting their lives and loves in our home. When my mom reads this she will roll her eyes, we have totally not won over Jude on this show and she relates it to Tellie Tubbies, (it is really 100000 times better ma, really)

3. Trampoline.

"Lets go bounce." I hear it billions of times over the course of the day and usually it leads us out to the tramp to do said action. My father hates the thing and has us all convinced that it will lead to multiple deaths, but so far all it does is make my little girl so very happy. I love the hair that it makes! I really want one when we move to our house, do you guys have them? Should be put it in a hole? Is she going to break her neck?

Look at those awesome static flyaways! Love it!

4. The house
Only about 3 weeks till we get to move in. Cant wait to show you guys pictures!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Were back!

Can you even stand that school has started again! Geez! By the end of the school year I find that I will miss the kids that I teach, miss the time that I spend with them and for the first two weeks of summer I find that it is kinda tough on me and I don't know quite what to do with all the time I have on my hands....then I get over that.
1. The new place:

The hole
This summer was amazing. Addi was simply oozing adorablility and the three of us had a great summer filled with all the summer things...kinda. Mostly we were just obsessing over out the building of our house and the selling of our townhouse. Addi was so sick of tile and carpet stores that she would purposefully try to inflict wounds on herself to make us leave. She also grew a distinct hatred of any wood type structure which did not go along great with our plans of going to look at the progress of our upcoming house every day. Hopefully this is not a sign that she will always hate the place because she is doomed to live there...forever, because once we move in I will never move again. I will have more pictures soon.

2. Why I will never move again:
Her tearfully saying goodbye to our purple door
I am so sick of this statement given to me by my husband at least 12 times a day while moving things that I certainly have to business moving; "I thought I married a college athlete, not some wimpy girl that cant carry things." To which I scream from the top of my lungs; "I carried a ball damnit, not an effing entertainment center!"
It was good.
I just get angry because he has like 50 football players at this disposal and could simply bring them in and move it all in one fail, not achy back move. But no, he thinks we are bonding. People say that building a house is rough on a marriage, I disagree, the MOVE is rough on the marriage! By the way, moving is also lame because I forget why the pee pee I ever bought half of the stuff I am putting in box after box. Most things must pass this test... do I really want it, or would it be easier just to buy more after we move? I wish dishes and pots and pans fit that bill, they sucked. But at least we did sell our house in like 26 days and we are officially homeless until then. Poor Stan and Judy are taking us in for the next 6 weeks or so.

3. Actual fun summer stuff:

This was us at the fair...I love a good fair
It was not all bad and it was not all back breaking (although I put on like 10 lbs in stress weight! When I couldn't decided on what cabinets I wanted, I ate everything in them, when I couldn't decide what flooring I wanted, I dumped food on the floor and just ate till I forgot what the floor was, hence, 10 lbs. Yikes.) Anyway, we swam a lot, went to the fair, played at every park in the state of Utah and just enjoyed the heat. It was nice. I will miss it.
Willow Park in Logan with the animals.

The best park ever in Kaysville, it looks like a castle, any princess would be thrilled.

stealing some love from my baby.

We also spent about half of the summer (or so it felt, at every Parade of Home we could find, Addi loved jumping on other peoples beds and looking at all the cool stuff. I loved it too.
We spent so much time in that car her bum was glued to it! I loved to snap all the times that she totally crashed in her chair, made me laugh and giggle every time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So long till August

School is out and it's time to hit the sunscreen! Woo Hoo summer is finally here. As some of you know, I usually do my blogging during school while blissfully ignoring my students and pretending that they are not talking about the various parts of their body they are planning on piercing and the glories that it will bring to their life. You see, currently we are sans Internet at our casa and therefore will not be able to check in your wondrous stories which I am sure will be filled with Popsicles and pools and parades and such. While I will miss you all, we will be very busy too. Here our some of our summer endeavors:

1. Enjoying family time:

This is her pretending to be a dog. Note the hands, Popsicle in one, piece of pizza in another...again...fat kid in the future!

Jeez I love summer! I know I brag about my job a lot, but come on, I will get paid to do things like this...

She realized that watermelon is the greatest of all treats!

Does anyone watch My Name is Earl? So many pictures have her with her eyes closed like the beloved Earl Hickey. Makes me laugh hard.

2. Getting down to business:
I really need to be a tough mommy this summer and get rid of this binkie. She loves it. She does not care if it will destroy her teeth and that kids will make fun of her in school, every time she puts it in her mouth she says "Binkie...Yummy." To her it is the most delicious thing ever and no form of bribery will work at this moment. 1000 dolls or her binkie, you got it, bink is the winner.

Again, Earl Hickey.

We also need to get her to sleep the entire night on her own. She goes down so great, then at about 1 or so we let her get in bed with us. I think we like it just as much as she does so we are totally in for it. There is just nothing like holding and smelling and kissing your sweet baby all night. It is also good to know what she dreams about and let me tell you this, we have a fat kid on our hands. Oh it is so effing funny! Several times she has mumbled in her sleep the desire for Milk and Cookies. Last night she rolled over and was so distraught over the fact that she wanted to eat Corndogs while sitting in her chair. Boy was she mad at the dream demon that was keeping her away from her corndog chair. Yep, we may have a true fat girl on our hands.

3. Building our dreams:
It is official, we are the owners of a nice piece of land in West Haven and will have a house hopefully by the beginning of September. So this summer will be filled with the stress of cleaning up all the dog pee that my poodle has distributed through our house (she is not invited to the new one) and hopefully selling it quickly. Then I have to pick out all my stuff. This may sound like a dream to some, but I swear when it comes to houses I have a total split personality. I love the pottery barn look with white cabinets and airy windows and pale colors, and I also love the rustic dark look that is distressed and worn looking. Which mood will I be in when I pick, who knows! I know there are worse things in the world, but if I choose wrong I will punish myself severely for the next 50 years! We are very excited though and crazy blessed with an awesome builder who is making all our wishes come true. Any tips will be very appreciated.
Our lot, this is the before pic. Ron is pumped to start mowing....he will be exhausted!

4. Thanks!
Thanks to all of you who wished my team luck and supported them, they did it! They won the State championship! Last time we won was 11 years ago when I pitched, and it was seriously cooler being a coach and watching my niece be so amazing. She didn't allow a single run all tournament and was simply astounding out there. I started crying in about the 5th and didn't let up till we were home. Addi drove home on the bus with us and we got a police escort through Roy, it was awesome and she stuck her little number 1 finger out the window the entire way. Too bad she will be a dancer and will never know the least not as a pitcher, my heart cant take it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whatcha doin' at 5 today?

If any of you are so crazy bored today at 5pm, I have a great idea...
Come watch the Royals Softball team try to win the state championship! Woo hoo, so happy for my little ladies!
We play the winner of Bonneville and Tooele to take home the big trophy.
I will be somewhere under the bleachers crying out of fear and anticipation kinda like I did when I played for this title 11 years ago.
But these gals are much tougher than I was.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ducks, Ball, and Mommies

Things have been a little crazy round these parts. Softball is almost over though which will only give me more time to be busy, but good. Life is good.
  1. Ducks:

    Ron had to be an escort at Cotillion this past weekend up at Weber State so me and Bugs went along to feed the ducks, check out the princesses and grove to the funky rhythms that the DJ was pumping, (did that sound cool? I was trying to sound cool and hip and stuff, did I totally pull it off?) It was awesome, ducks are awesome and I am thinking about getting some of those when we get our new back yard too. Anyway, we took our cheep loaf of bread and the ducks and seagulls went to town….and Addi. I swear she never eats as well as when she is supposed to give it to something else. She liked the ducks, liked watching me feed them, mostly liked eating the bread. That was until this giant goose caught on to her selfish ways and walked right up to her and stole her bread from her terror stricken little hand. I was rolling, (well not literally, the ground is covered with pounds of duck feces) I couldn't stop laughing, even if my daughter was slightly scarred by the bully goose, it was funny, she'll get over it. This is the very goose, look at him eyeballing that loaf.

2.Softball Team:

The wonderous Royals won the Region V title this week. Very proud of them, I usually hate them and have countless moments where I want to put a bat through their aoretas, but all in all they are good gals. One girl though is trying to kill me. I am a pretty nice person, I usually have all sorts of patience in my students and in others, but there is this girl on my team that every day does something to turn me into a total giant throbbing 'B' word. Seriously, I have all sorts of stories but this one jumps out at me. It was before a game last week and I was throwing to the chickas and she steps in the box….sans shoes.
"Where are your cleats?"
"I forgot them."
"K, (long sigh) go put on your running shoes so you can hit."
"I don't have them either."
"Really? (insert sarcastion as needed) Im not pitching to you unless you have shoes."
Two seconds later she is back in the box with one shoe and one slipper.
Anger rising,"Im not kidding, Im not throwing to you till you get some real shoes. You could break your foot."
"I don't even like my feet." Seriously, she really was doing this to me. I wanted to beat her. I should have just broken her foot.
3. Mommies:
This is my third mothers day and I could not be more blessed. I love being a mom, even when I don't like it, I truly love it. Addi is such a blessing, such an inspiration, such an super star. I am sometimes surprised by how much I love her, how much she fills my heart, but what sometimes surprises me more is how much she loves me. When she wraps her little arms around my neck and squeezes and I can smell her little girl smell I am just blown away. How lucky am I to be a mom?

And how lucky am I to have the mom I was blessed with? I have never seen a lady so dedicated to the loves of her life. She would do absolutely anything for us (we take her up on that.) She loves Addi like I could only dream of her being loved. She makes every grandkid feel like the most important, most precious, most loved being on the earth. How does she do this? I have made it my life goal to be like her one day. You are my best friend, best mommy, best everything. Thanks for giving me the "Best Day" every day.

Yep, she is under a card table with Addi, she will do anything.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

I have always loved Spring. Therefore, I have always loved Easter (even before the creation of Cadbury Mini Eggs I loved Easter, that just heightened the love.) Anyway, this year it was the best times 10! Easter, Spring Break, Baby Animal Day, and my baby's second birthday all rolled into one awesome weekend. Best weekend ever!
1. Baby Animal Day:
My cute husbie took me there our first year of marriage knowing that from that point on I could never divorce him due to the immense gratitude for him for bringing this perfect event into my life. I love everything about it. I love the mud, I love the animal poop, I love that I can just walk up and shove kids out of the way in order to pluck up a baby duck and hold him in my hands. It is simply perfect and this year was no exception. Addi was pumped, she got to run around outside and scream animal sounds and pet all sorts of animals. We went with her two grandmas her little girl cousins and her aunt. I think her favorite was the "Camel Ride" which is really just a horse ride but there is the one Wiggles song that they go on a camel ride so now that is just what any ride has turned into. She was so ticked when I took her off! My favorite was the Pygmy goats. Holy Moses were they cute! Seriously, I wanted to hold it to my chest for the rest of my life and just look in his (or her, I cant tell) eyes. Trying to decided how many I will own when we get our house.

2. Addi's Birthday Party:
Since Addi's actual birthday was on Easter, we had her party on Friday. Did she really know what was going on? No, but she was pumped to get balloons and play with her cousins and have everyone give her lots of crap. It was awesome and she had a blast. She was thrilled to get new little dollies and then her crafty little mama made her an awesome little house if I do say so myself:

Notice the nightgown? No she did not wear that to the party but as soon as she opened it she had to put it on!

The house goes over just a regular card table and it is made of felt. I saw them on Etsy but I am much too cheap to pay what they wanted so about $20 and about 9000 hours later she had her house. All the stuff comes off so she can pick apples or plant flowers or feed her dog. Mostly she just sits inside and plays with her dollies or watches movies. She is cute. I like her.
3. Easter Egg Hunt 2009:
I have helped my brother MC the Roy Easter egg hunt for the last few years and usually have success at it. Not so much this year. I would like to blame the crappy speaker system. I would like to blame Addi for freaking out right before it started over the fact that no one would just let her go pick up some damn bubbles. I would like to blame the stupid kids for not listening to me correctly. But alas, the blame falls on me for saying some of the worst words ever:
"Three minutes to GO until the start of the hunt" Was what I said. They just heard the GO part. Then I started screaming:
"No, NO, NOOOOO" Which I assume sounded more like "Go, GO, GOOOOOOO!" needless to say once they went, they were not coming back and I stood there like a fool waiting for crazy moms to come up to me and say how I ruined their kids entire Easter. Luckily they remembered that it was all free candy and there was not too many people that wanted to rip my throat out.

4. Easter/Real Birthday:
Again, I love Easter so I was automatically thrilled to wake up. When we went downstairs and she saw her basket she screamed "BUNNY!" and ran to her stuff. She was excited to get an Ariel doll that went in to tub with her, she liked her new Monsters Inc movie, but the candy was not such a hit. She got some cotton candy (who hates cotton candy, come on Addi) and as soon as it hit her tongue she started scraping it off with her nails to try to rid her mouth of the wicked melting confection. Marshmallow frogs, also spit out. However, her dad's Reece's eggs were good enough to eat several of! The hunts were alright, she was not too into them but picked up some eggs occasionally. Good day. She really did have no idea it was her real birthday though, whenever someone would ask her whose birthday it was she would promptly say that it was the bunny's.
Cute Hu?