Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thought Thursday

Many a thing floating through my noggin today so I will just proceed to tell all of my random thoughts....
1. Flu Shots: Me and Addi got ours yesterday and my arm has never hurt so badly in my life. Even after pitching like 8 games in a day, my arm felt better. What the pee pee? Did she inject anthrax into my bicep? I was trying to work out today (another cool thing, Turbo Jam...Most fun workout I have ever done...check it out here)
Anyway, the pain needs to stop!

This is what I probably looked like.

2. Sleeping habits: Addi has been driving me crazy lately! On Monday night she woke up at 2 am and proceeded to tell me all the things that she would rather be doing than sleeping. She named every show that she has ever favorite. She told me how hungry she was, that she needed like 5 drinks, the list never ended. Finally we gave up and went downstairs where she proceeded to watch TV and eat lots of food. She really was just hungry and board. Who wants sleep anyway? Certainly not her mother who had to work the next day! Finally at 5 am I told her that this had to end and sleep needed to be had.

So me and Ron made up our minds that she needed to be better about sleeping in her OWN bed for the night. She wakes up each night at about midnight and about every hour after that, always hoping that we will just bring her into our bed. So last night, she decided that there was better ideas than that. Ron had just went in there to try and calm her down and she was screaming for her daddy to come back when suddenly we heard it....THUD, more screaming!

She made the jump but is not entirely cat like and landing in who knows what position! All the thoughts of what she could have done to her poor little body rushed through my mind; concussions, contusions, liver rupture, spinabifida. All sorts of things. But she got what she always wanted and ended up being able to sleep in our bed. Why oh why did I want to put hardwood in her room? I am retarded and do not deserve to be a mother.

3. Midnight Sun: All you Edward lovers out there have most likely heard about the drama with this book and the sadness that it has brought on all of us. Here is the link if you haven't: midnight sun. I have been reading this and it brought back all the love of this wonderful man and more. I am not like most, I love the first book, got through the second, hated the third was not even sure if I wanted to read the fourth because of my utter hatred of Bella. She drove me nuts! I hated her indecision, her inability to see that Edward was the better choice (sorry Meg) and many other things about her that drove me nuts. I did read the fourth and was more than happy. She finally grew up (maybe having a vampire/human baby does that to you) and I guess the marriage and marriage night made up for her stupidity. Midnight sun is different, it is amazing. I never knew what Edward saw in Bella, now I do. To see it through his eyes is the best thing that ever happened to this series and if it does not get published I will hunt down the person who leaked it and beat them with a salami.

Murder weapon.

4. Halloween treats: I cant decide what to make for my family:
Spider cakes

What would be more fun?
Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Once there was a PUMPKIN!

Funny story, last year we had cute little halloween set up with bales of hay and pumpkins a plenty...

Then winter hit before we knew it and several pumpkins were slowly being frozen under the heaps and heaps of snow...

Slowly but surely spring came and melted away the snow to reveal some pretty sad, mushy, yucky pumpkins. (sorry, didnt have the foresite to take pictures) Ron was to dispose of them but apparently they were so mushy that they fell apart and he decided they would be natural fertilazer in our flowerbed.
Summer came and I started to notice weird plants growing in the flowerbed, Im no botinest, but I could tell that I hadnt planted these giant leafed beings, and they were resembling something pretty cool.
I was growing my very own pumpkins! Fancy that! That snow a few weeks ago pretty much stunted their growth, and they dont get a ton of sun where they were so they are little and green, but it still reminds me of the coolness of nature and its desire to grow...

Such cute little punkins!

Then we went for a photo shoot in the canyon, mostly to have an excuse to wear these boots! She really is cute!
Happy Fall Yall!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Martha Mandy

I just needed to brag about my new found ability in the world of creative crafting. Just look at this dress:

I know! It is really all because of an etsy dress that I saw but didn't want to pay the price (cheep-o) Anyway, my dear sweet mommy told me that it would be an easy dress to make and a few hours later wha-la! Her very own spider dress!

I am just so happy that I have been planning all sorts of cool dresses for her to model.

Anyway, she got to display her dress at Gardner Village last week. Sucky idea....UEA + Halloween time at GV= millions of tiny people running a muck. It was nothing short of insanity inducing weaving through people.

See the sadness that the day produced!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Loves and kisses!