Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching up

Most days something happens that makes me think "I should blog about that."  then the day is over and I am covered in baby drool and have watched enough Sponge Bob to kill a person and I am over it.  So today I vow to catch up.
Happy new year everyone, hope all your Christmas's were awesome and all that.  Christmas simply rocks and that's all there  is to it.  Addi got everything she has ever dreamed of getting and her list just keeps continuing to grow.  I guess that is the great life of a 3.5 year old.  Ellie got what she wanted too:
See those two pearly whites?  She has been using them with lots of vigor and force. She is also hoping that the top two join the party soon. 
A tradition in our family is to have a cooking battle for New years.  In the past I have ROCKED this competition and I felt that I would once again dominate.  I forgot one thing...who was judging.  All the young ens' get to pick the winner and when you serve 'Beef Braised Beef over Gorgonzola Polenta' kids tend to be a little shy.  But between me and you it was amazingly awesome and I have dreams about polenta now.  I want to serve all things with polenta.  Mac n' cheese...and polenta.  Chocolate cake...and polenta.  I love it.  I also love the new cooking vessel that I get to make all my new dishes in.
I forgot to take good pictures during the competition so this is the aftermath.  We were all pleasantly stuffed, regardless of the fact that BOTH my brothers beat me with their dishes.  Brisket sandwiches and Meatloaf.  Yes, I got hosed.

Addi also had an accident (we wont mention that it was her mothers fault because she was sitting by the increasingly needy Ellie and cleaning pictures frames on the floor and  that the glass freakishly jumped up and sliced the top of her foot all up)  all you need to know is that for a solid week she has been running around with her own version of a cast...
Preschool was attended in the Hello Kitty slipper, she slept with it on at night.  She even had to bathe with a sock on so she still had her "cast" to protect it.  Poor gal.  I finally did get it off and promptly into the was starting to gain some serious funk.

All in all, things are good.  I'm glad we are back to some sort of normal.  Happy new year everyone!