Friday, March 27, 2009

Busy, busy,....Spring?

I know its not Thursday, but this time of year beggars cant be choosers.
1. Mother Nature can burn in the depths of the devils pit:
What the 'H' Mother Nature? You give us one glorious week of warmth and decide that we have had enough? This would be fine if I wasn't expected to go outside and play softball for at least two hours a day or on the bad days stand out there for about 5 and watch the sport. All I want is to feel the warmth on my cheeks and be able to feel my fingers. Stupid lady.

2. St. George
This is her new Royal Dress that her mommy made playing in our favorite van.

We did find some happy little warmth while in St. George a couple weeks ago. Some of you may remember the glory of the March Softball Warm up down there and it is still going strong. I had been terrified of this trip due to the fact that Addi doesn't really enjoy vast amounts of time strapped into her seat cruising down the interstate. But that was all before...before we invested in the greatest of all inventions....

Oh thank you Sweet Baby Jesus for the glory that is Portable DVD players! This made the trip nice and she really didn't complain at all. It also helped that we rented a Mini-van (and now I am joining the fan club for them) and had lots of room to maneuver between her and the treats and the toys that were needed during the drive. It was so fun and she loved her 'truck' that she got to rule over the weekend. Call me lame, but I totally cant wait till I get a Mini-van with Stow-and-go seating one day. Yea, I dream big.

3. Softball:

The first day of the tournament I think we were the greatest team to have ever played the game. Cauley (my sophomore niece and the entire reason I coach) pitched a game where she got 20 strike outs. (I don't think I ever achieved that, I may lie to her and tell her that I did, but I think my high was really like 18.) She was amazing and astounding and awesome and all those other great words that indicate how great someone is. However, the second day they were a little less than spectacular. She did pitch the last game and got another win and another 14 K's but no need to brag about her right now. We ended 3-2...Oh well, at least the weather was good and we got to eat at In-and-Out.
4. Fish Show
Addi has found that Finding Nemo is her new favorite show and has asked to watch it at least 15 times a day. She first calls it Fish show and if I don't respond she asks to watch Nemo and if I still don't respond she will bring me the DVD remote over and tell me to WATCH IT. Her face shows how serious she is about this request which makes me laugh and usually allows her to fulfill her happiness. Her favorite parts are when the little octopus says 'Aww, you guys made me ink.' and when Dori exclaims that the giant scary fish in the depths is on a 'diet.' She knows those parts word for word. She is cute and I love her.
5. Angel:
She has been obsessed with Angels lately. Any lady or woman like object is in her mind an Angel. Everytime we do laundry together and she finds my 'Mormon Panties' she must immediatly wrap it around her head and call herself and Angel...I agree.


Cheyenne said...

What a sweet little angle Addi is!:) We love the portable DVD player too, it has taken over the car ride stress , hooray! Sounds like you'll have a great season, tell Cauley good freakin job from me. I want to see you guys play sometime, you should post your schedule!

Cheyenne said...

Sorry, I'm a posting geek. But I wanted to tell you that Hallie found an old phone she used to play with and calls Addi all the time to say hi! She has her one sided conversation then says, "See her?" We should hangout!

McKelle said...

Good to finally hear from you again. It's been long enough.

Just thought I'd let you know we went and test drove mini vans today...I think we're going for it. You're so jealous huh?

TC Jolley said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I miss those old softball days in St. George! Good luck this season, miss you.

Cynthia and Bryan said...

Glad that she is keeping you entertained...She is too cute. Ya- Im with ya on cussing mother naturer, lets call her mother...nevermind, Im a mother and a roll model :) Glad you are alive and doing well. Hope to see you soon.

Jennica said...

"We just wanna thank you sweet baby Jesus..." Love that movie! Talladega nights is a classic. Rob included this saying during the dinner prayer once, still makes me smile. Your little girl is so cute and I loved this post! Bless the technology people and portable DVD players. We never travel without at least one. --Such emotion in this post woman, you really need to be a writer. I hope you do write a book someday and you can thank me for inspiring you to do so.

Jen Gentry said...

Mandy you are so funny!! I miss the St. George tourney, those were good times. I have to agree with you that minivans rule. We have had one for about a year and a half and absolutely love it. Addi is ssssooooo cute by the way.

Janika said...

Not to upset all the mini-vanners out there but you should check out the Durangos! We have a dvd built in...enough room for 3 carseats (i am sure we could fit another 2 in...but we dont want to try that out for a while) The leather seats are a must for the long rides and the carsick kids..just breakout the wipes and the tossed cookies are all gone! We have loved ours!! You don't have to be a soccer mom (driving a van); after all we are baseball/softball fans!!! SUV's RULE! I do love the mormon panties story. I am sure we will be seeing you around soon at the softball games..... And i definatley do NOT miss baseball in the cold spring weather!!

Laura said...

I was planning on seeing you at baby animal day. We are going on Saturday (unless it's too rainy, don't want to deal with a toddler in all that mud!)
BTW, your post are hilarious! You really should blog more often! Glad Addi was good for the St. George tourney, I always loved that trip!

McKelle said...

Good try. You didn't even try to call. I don't believe you. I was driving home from New Mexico that day anyway. So not exciting for a 30th birthday. Poor me.

Well, you might not have my phone number(It's unlisted...I don't want my "clients" finding me and expecting special favors), but I don't have your address, and I need it to send you a birth announcement.