Friday, October 16, 2009

Just a small post...

I hate building a house. It is super lame and you all should avoid it at all costs. I remember when they said we would be living there in August....then it turned into September, oh for sure September...what is the date? Still shacking up with my folks. I love them so very much and am so very thankful for their generosity, but have you ever shoved an elephant into a shoebox....that is what it is like trying to shove all my daughters, Ronnie, and my own stuff into the space that we have. I get through the nights by imagining all the ways I will hang up my clothes into our new closets....someday.
My last post said we would be in by now...Nope. Evil builder lies they say to make your spirits high so they can crush it.
Anyway, everything else is good. Ron is almost done with football for the year. It is almost always sweatshirt weather which is excellent for hiding the bulges hanging over my pants, and Addi is healthy and happy.
So that will just have to get me through the rest of it all.
Quick question for all you seasoned mothers. Addi hates costumes. She really does. She hates having hats or things on her heads (except for the bows because she knows she is not getting out of that) She hates costumes, she hate tutus. Therefore, Halloween is a daunting task. I remember last year her crying hysterically when she had to wear her cute little candy corn costume. It was traumatic on us all. So this year I would love to have it be better...any ideas? Something that is a costume but does not FEEL like a costume. I would totally have her be naked and put tattoos all over her body...but that may lead to the authorities taking her away from me.
Notice the tattoos that we have to buy and put them all over her. She is an addict.
Soon, soon I will have something great to say, until then I will leave you with these pictures:
This is her supporting her daddy at the game. She kept yelling Go Daddy Go. She does not understand that he really is not one of those kids with the helmets on running around. I let her believe that so she keeps cheering because it is cute.This is me and her pulling faces in the car. We are cool.

This was our annual Gardner Village visit with my dear cousin McKelle and her cuties. This is the first time that Gwen and Addi really played together. It was cute...unless you were at that Quiznos while we were, you may not have thought they were as cute as I did.

This is at our photo shoot for family picts. Another thing she hates. This was when she had seriously had enough.


Megann said...

I forgot to tell you. I made a spider costume for Garrick which ended up just being a long sleeved shirt and sweatpants. I put some spider webs on the black shirt with some fabric paint. I also sewed some legs in the sides but you wouldn't have to do that. Good luck I'm worried M. won't wear her tink costume.

Janika said...

Love reading your posts! How about making Addi a bad a** for halloween? You could totally tat her out and give her a wicked pony tail with a bandana. Nice black eye makeup (what kid doesn't like makeup?) and some ripped up jeans. I think it would be easy, fun, and she would love to wear it! good luck!

Jodi said...

She IS the cutest Rowdy Royal I've ever seen. You could make her a cheerleader...not that I have a thing for cheerleading or anything...lame. But who doesn't love pom poms? Warn her of the risk of neck pain following enthusiastic head nodding.

Nye Family said...

I love reading your posts. One year Chenielle was a princess. This was super easy. I put her in one of her fancy church dresses and let her carry a wand, and wear a crown (if she would keep it on) and off we went trick or treating. It was fun and she didn't really realize she was dressed up.

Sorry about the house. I was so excited to read about it. But I can wait :-)

Anonymous said...

Remember when Chase was little and loved Tattoos....I blame you for that too...Now look at Addi..Hmm interesting, possible tramp stamp in the future? I am just saying...