Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter...just a tad late.

Have I told you how much I love Easter? Seriously, by far the best holiday. Don't believe me, here is my list of reasons why:
1. Candy. You can not possibly name another holiday where the candy is half as good. Cadbury mini eggs, bunnies that you can bite the heads off of, jelly beans in all sorts of to die for variations. It is just so good. I tried these cookies, next year you need to try them too, that is if you can forfeit a bag to crush and pour into cookie dough.

2. Spring. Not too hot, not too cold, cute little buds on the trees. Just the name makes you think of baby sheep grazing in a field or chicks bouncing up and down. How cute is spring? Plus the main decoration is eggs. Eggs that you spend about 30 minutes of pure messy fun decorating and cracking countless eggs to get your basket full of colorful awesomeness. Addi has wanted to dye eggs every day since.

3. Baskets. That's it, that's the big push. Not stockings, then presents, then family presents, then neighbor gifts. Christmas can be a little too much stress all around, but that bunny doesn't need all that stuff, just an awesome basket to load with above mentioned candy and spring toys like bubbles and kites and chalk. Every part of the basket screams, "Hey Spring, nice to see ya!" Addi got some Barbie stuff, a Zhu Zhu, sand stuff and lots of her favorite candy, anything where they combine chocolate and peanut butter. Ronnie got a couple shirts and his favorite candy selections, Snickers and peanut M n M's. The bunny brought me some new jewelry since I am the size of a motor home and do not need anything to put on or in my belly.
I simply love this holiday and have tried hard to make Addi see the truth about its awesomeness. She is still a little confused and asked if Santa gave the Easter Bunny a ride on his sleigh to come to our house, and I think she got terrified to think of a giant bunny hopping through our house, but you will see, one day I will bring her to my side.


Janika said...

Easter does have the best candy! Addi is getting SO big! She is a cutie just like her mom!

Jodi said...

your easter baskets make our easter baskets look quite pathetic. did you make it to the very best part of spring?....Baby Animal Days!?!?!

Jodi said...

Also, love the new couch!

Kelli said...

Diddo on the couch, now I have a place to crash after Rowdy Roxy's. Addi is just so stinkin cute. And tell her I'll come dye eggs with her anytime, since I missed out this year.