Friday, February 11, 2011

A 3 year old teen?

I remember when I first found out I was having a girl 4 some odd years ago.  Many replies were as follows:
"Oh a girl huh?  They are drama!"
Well all that just skimmed over my head and all that was left was the image of cute bows of every color and fluffy dresses and locks of hair to braid.  I thought of all the fun things we would do together and I would have years and years of that before the dreaded "drama" came with the teen years.
My life has been full of the bows and dresses and all the fun stuff, but no one ever told me the drama of a teen would take place just before hitting four years old.
Seriously people...I have a crazy woman living at my house and she is in the body of a cute 3.8 year old.
Looks pretty cute and innocent right....and she is, but then she has this switch that she just pulls and suddenly I am dealing with something I am totally unfamiliar with.
Examples you ask....DELIVERED.
Picture an early morning. Ellie had a rough night and was up a lot so both me and her were totally crashed.  Addi wanted to watch TV in my bed which I told her was great but she would need to be quiet so that Ellie and I could catch up on some missed Z's.  However the little yacker simply could not stop talking and telling me everything about what Spongebob and Patrick were doing.  Finally I told her to just keep her mouth shut and watch her cartoons, (remember...I was SO tired.)  Crying, she got off the bed and announced:
"I just want my life back!"
"What?" I asked...surely I had heard that wrong because what the pee pee does that even mean coming out of a preschoolers mouth.
So she repeated it.  I couldn't help but chuckle inside a little, I mean where did she even get that?  It sounded so full of teen angst that I was blown away.
She also is extremely particular about her wardrobe which has led to many a morning fights.  Its out of her Bell Jamies or some random and completely summer type dress or tank top.  If I EVER tell her she needs a coat she bursts into millions of tiny misery driven tears.  Every morning I have a small panic attack when I tell her that it is time to get dressed because I have no idea what response I will get. One day i needed to get her ready to go play at her friends house. The temperature outside was about 5 degrees. My little girl demanded to wear her 'exercise suit' which is a skimpy tank top and shorts.  When I told her it was too cold to go outside in that she told me she was just going to sit in her bed the rest of the day and be sad. Seriously.  She is so effin cute but I want to ring her neck sometimes. 
I ask you to do this...just tell me it will be alright and that she will grow out of this and just be a sweet and rational little girl for the remainder of her days.  Even if it is a lie...lie to me people.
Meanwhile...look how cute they are:
This is her in her blessing dress...she looks crazy cute huh?

Laying on the floor laughing <3

Nevermind...she is too cute to be frustrated at <3


McKelle said...

It will be alright. She'll grow out of it...unless she's like Gwen, and then she'll continue and everyday you'll wonder how you're going to survive and realize that she'll be a teenager in 10 years and then you'll really be hating life. Oh...sorry, I'm supposed to make you feel hopeful. Um...It's just a phase. Pretty soon she'll turn all sweet and quiet and pleasant. Really. Hopefully. But don't hold your breath. :)

Cynthia and Bryan said...

they are so stinking cute !! lol...ya she will grow out of it (inser reasurring smile as Im lying thru my teeth :) UGH ! I have a 5 year old going on 16 in my house as well. Good luck and share your secrets if you figure it out :)

Megann said...

At least she didn't get there until she was 4. Marley is already telling me that she is a princess and that I can't talk to her she is talking to me. I think #2 catches on too quickly. They are adorable though. Love their matching pink outfits.

millisue said...

Ha ha! I grew up with all girls and DRAMA! But you are right, bows and frilly dresses, just keep that in mind.

PS I'm right behind you in the drama department with my 2 year old, what the crap?

PPS At least they are amazingly cute, if they were ugly, the drama part would be so much tougher to get through! And Addi is a mini Mandy!

Neesha said...

God your girls are cute. I miss you. we need to get together soon.

Merianne said...

ya..still stalking your blog...and laughing my butt off...I feel your pain..and SUREEEE it gets better..ya right have you met my Abbey..just sayn...your in as much trouble as I am... good thing their soo freakn cute!!! hang in there!!!

Tasty´s life said...

I LOve you Blog :)