Thursday, April 21, 2011

Addi's Number 4

 I now officially have a 4 year old.  I know I have said this before, but it always surprises me how sentimental I get about her birthday.  I tear up all day thinking about how I felt on the day she was actually born, how amazing it was to bring her into the world and how cool it was the first time I got to hold her.  Now 30 some odd pounds later its still just as cool, just a lot heavier and much more chatty.
This year Addi wanted a Tangled party so we had her little play group over after preschool and partied like people who had been locked away in a tower all our lives.
We played pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider, had little Pascals all over the place, painted like Rapunzel and had food in frying pans.  It was so fun!  Glad I had lots of back up from my mom and mother in law, kids are needy.
Later we had her family party, also so much fun.  Party people kept with the theme and gave her lots of Tangled stuff.  She was also crazy pumped to her her Monster High dolls that she has been obsessing about since October. She was a happy little 4 year old.  Now anytime she sees anyone...even perfect strangers, she excitedly tells them how she is now four and begins to tell them the list of things she wants for her 5th birthday. 
Since I am terrible at loading pictures on this thing, I will just go out of order and describe everything:

Addi, Parks (future husband) and Whitlee painting their master pieces

Best I could get them to do for a group shot, they were all too excited to see the presents

This was prior to her family shin dig.  She got way too much, but in my defence, I got most things on after Christmas sales for like 75% off.  I promise.

Her tangled wig.  So cute but I want to burn it.  If I find one more extremely long hair in my babies diaper I will strangler the maker of this wig.

Cake...did not go the way I wanted.  Addi helped decorate

Pascal party blowers.  Definite hit.

Happy Birthday big girl. Love you and how wonderful you are at making friends and having fun.  I love your imagination, your sweet tender feelings and how easy it is to discipline you because you got your guilt from me and everything makes you feel bad.  I love how you still want to hold my hand when you are super tired.  Love how you love your sister...unless she has one of your toys.  I simply love you.


Megann said...

Happy Birthday! They get older so fast. She is a super cute.

Janika said...

So fun! And what a fun party idea!

Lori said...

Saw you on the news last nigh! Way to go Royals!