Friday, February 29, 2008

Putting the 'Special" in special ed

So TC told me that I need to document more of my random moments in my you go.
Sitting in class and a kid raises his hand,
"Ms. Koford, you know how birth control prevents you from having kids?"
"Yep." I reply, wondering how in the pee pee these things jump in their heads when I am just trying to teach them how to simplify fractions.
"So are their pills to GET you pregnant?"
"Kinda, if you need help there are things that doctors can do to help you." I tentativly reply, knowing full well that any day now I will be fired for discussing these types of things like faking drug test peeing, kids having sex in the bathrooms, and my ever reminding them that they are lame or going to hell.
"Can you get some for my girlfriend." He askes....honestly, he did. Like I have my PHD as well and am going to give his girlfriend who to put it bluntly....should NEVER have children....EVER!
"Nope." I reply.
This is where I want to throw things at him but since my dad is still recovering and I am the only batting machine our team has, I am alas too sore to waste my energy on him.
I sigh and tell him that babies are hard. Maybe he should just go steal one.
Teaching is fun.


Becky Johnson said...

What grade do you teach?

McKelle said...

You are the best teacher ever. I wish I had you when I was in high school. Sex talk would have been much more interesting...hearing it from you. Can you get ME some of those pills...just don't tell Morgan. It will be our little secret.

Justin said...

I gald to see you are doing so well. I haven't seen or heard form you in a while. Julie teaches math too and I hear all those same storie all the time - funny.

Kate (and LaVon) said...

I wish you were my teacher! Never a dull moment with Ms. Koford! By the way -- you are my favorite blog to read -- yours and Milli' guys crack me up!

Cynthia and Bryan said...

Thank goodness these kids have you to teach them about sex....haha. That is awesome ! Kids are crazy.

Brian and Lauren said...

I cant believe a kid wanted his girlfriend to get preggo! Oh my heck! Kids these days :)

Jolley Family said...

Haha! He can steal one of mine, well actually only one of the boys, Anabelle would only make him want to have more!!! I'm glad you took my advise... now more stories please. How's the team doing?

Jennica said...

Seriously, how old are your kids? Sounds like tons of fun. Random questions all day, never ending, never making sense....--oh wait, that's been my life since Spencer turned 4, but without the wanting to get his girlfriend, Aana pregnant, thank heavens.

Megann said...

So I am really glad to see that I am not the only teacher that is too honest with her students. I always tell mine that they shouldn't get pregnant until they are older. I am surprised sometimes that I still have a job at all. It makes me so sad when I see a student who is more pregnant than me.

Brian and Lauren said...

Hey Mandy- we are going private on our blog now :) I need your email addy so that I can add you to my list! email me at (I am going to be deleting this email addy this week- so do it soon!)

Lori said...

Mandy, I got my blog changed some but I need your help still! Email me what you need to help me out. I want to change the font and stuff. Can I do that?
By the way, great blog!!

millisue said...

That is hilarious! I remember when you started at BYU and you were going into pedagogy you decided that wasn't the major for you because you knew the kids would walk all over you... look at you know taking charge over the annoying teenagers. I am sure proud of you!