Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tag about my husbie!

Here I am yet tagged again, but since it is almost V-day, I guess it is time to show how much I love my husbie, at least until he leaves his laundry on the floor and puts full cups of coke on the floor for our baby to spill...until then, I love him so much!)

What is his name? Ronald Neil Koford

How long have you been married? 4 and a half years

Who long did you date? 12 months...almost exactly

How old is he? 33

Who eats more sweets? Ronny. I yell...he ignores. My weakness is salty stuff. And cheese.

Who said I love you first? Me! Good old Fazolies! They brought more breadsticks and it just slipped out!

Who is taller? Ron....unless I am wearing heels, then it is about even.

Who can sing better? I am so good. Seriously, if you want a Rock Band (the game) singer, call me!

Who is smarter? He loves math, he watches the history channel non stop, and he is a fountain of knowledge, useless and usefull alike.

Who does the laundry? Me....sometimes.

Who pays the bills? Ron. He is the money man.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Ron....Kinda. With Addi on one side and the poodle at my calf, I dont consider me even on the bed. Plus, sometimes we lay sideways.

Who mows the lawn? The cool people at the HOA

Who cooks dinner? Cook? I try to offer up one meal a week. He will say that is a lie, but I do, once a week.

Who drives? Him, I get lost easy.

Who is more stubborn? Him. I am an easy going wonderful lady.

Who kissed who first? I think I attacked him! First date (slut) first outside, then in his parents kitchen. It was magic!

Who asked who out first? After I called him a 28 year old chicken, he alais made the call! Good boy! We went golfing...I won.

Who proposed? Ron! It was the night before a double header at BYU. He came to Provo and told me to get in the car (a cool rented Caddy) and that we were going to Vegas. I protested, reminding him that I had a game the next day and I couldnt go! He insisted that he would get me back in time. So we drove down, went to an amazing dinner at Olives that looks over the fountains and then he took me up in the Eiffle Tower.
"I finally know what I want for my birthday." He said.
"Thats too bad, I already got you sandles." stupid me.
"I want you for my wife!." He replied.

Who has more siblings? Me

Who wears the pants? Ron only wears shorts.

Alright, these people need to spill!
Lisa, Lauren...Tice told you I would, Megann, Lori, Laura, and McKelle


Brian and Lauren said...

Awww! I remember when you got engaged! We used to sit by eachother on the plane, and you would let me try to fit your ring on :) Cannon is almost doing better. He should be 100% by this weekend! I would love to see you soon! Please let me know! You have my # now I hope :)

Jennica said...

this one was a fun tag, it's fun hearing more about you and ron. we may be coming down for spring break. i'll let you know for sure as we get closer.

Lori said...

Way fun to read! By the Way I need your help making my blog look cuter and learn how to do fun things to it like yours. I am clueless!

tiny said...

Love reading all the dirt on Ron. Thanks for sharing Mandy, oh and Jennica if you read this, I have lost you! Can I still read your blog? Here is my email

Anonymous said...

are you sure his middle name is neil and not niel?

Jolley Family said...

I have a crush on Ron, just throwing that out there!!! Ronny, I love you :)

millisue said...

Wait, did you tell me you went to Vegas the night before? I don't remember that HUGE detail. If coach Eakin knew that he might have benched you... oh wait... um.... awkward. Jokes, you were awesome. I can top Lauren on the trying on the ring thing, remember when you let me try it on and we both forgot I had it on and you went back to your room and I slept with it on the whole not. Oops, don't tell Ron!

shelley said...

hey, you don't know me, but my friend is kate walker's sister, and that's how i found your blog. i'm trying to make my blog look cuter, and i love your template and your font. how did you do it? will you email me instructions so that i can do something similar?

my email is thanks for your help!