Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thought Thursday

Many a thing floating through my noggin today so I will just proceed to tell all of my random thoughts....
1. Flu Shots: Me and Addi got ours yesterday and my arm has never hurt so badly in my life. Even after pitching like 8 games in a day, my arm felt better. What the pee pee? Did she inject anthrax into my bicep? I was trying to work out today (another cool thing, Turbo Jam...Most fun workout I have ever done...check it out here)
Anyway, the pain needs to stop!

This is what I probably looked like.

2. Sleeping habits: Addi has been driving me crazy lately! On Monday night she woke up at 2 am and proceeded to tell me all the things that she would rather be doing than sleeping. She named every show that she has ever favorite. She told me how hungry she was, that she needed like 5 drinks, the list never ended. Finally we gave up and went downstairs where she proceeded to watch TV and eat lots of food. She really was just hungry and board. Who wants sleep anyway? Certainly not her mother who had to work the next day! Finally at 5 am I told her that this had to end and sleep needed to be had.

So me and Ron made up our minds that she needed to be better about sleeping in her OWN bed for the night. She wakes up each night at about midnight and about every hour after that, always hoping that we will just bring her into our bed. So last night, she decided that there was better ideas than that. Ron had just went in there to try and calm her down and she was screaming for her daddy to come back when suddenly we heard it....THUD, more screaming!

She made the jump but is not entirely cat like and landing in who knows what position! All the thoughts of what she could have done to her poor little body rushed through my mind; concussions, contusions, liver rupture, spinabifida. All sorts of things. But she got what she always wanted and ended up being able to sleep in our bed. Why oh why did I want to put hardwood in her room? I am retarded and do not deserve to be a mother.

3. Midnight Sun: All you Edward lovers out there have most likely heard about the drama with this book and the sadness that it has brought on all of us. Here is the link if you haven't: midnight sun. I have been reading this and it brought back all the love of this wonderful man and more. I am not like most, I love the first book, got through the second, hated the third was not even sure if I wanted to read the fourth because of my utter hatred of Bella. She drove me nuts! I hated her indecision, her inability to see that Edward was the better choice (sorry Meg) and many other things about her that drove me nuts. I did read the fourth and was more than happy. She finally grew up (maybe having a vampire/human baby does that to you) and I guess the marriage and marriage night made up for her stupidity. Midnight sun is different, it is amazing. I never knew what Edward saw in Bella, now I do. To see it through his eyes is the best thing that ever happened to this series and if it does not get published I will hunt down the person who leaked it and beat them with a salami.

Murder weapon.

4. Halloween treats: I cant decide what to make for my family:
Spider cakes

What would be more fun?
Happy Thursday Everyone!


McKelle said...

Nice randomness of information. I enjoyed it all. I don't think I'll get a flu shot. Who needs that? Maybe I'll force Gwen to get one and laugh at her when she cries.

Sorry about the sleep. I don't know any better, so don't ask for my opinion. I'm just lazy and want my sleep. Hope she didn't get hurt while hurling herself out of her crib.

As far as Twilight/Midnight. I'm still trying to get through that last book. I've been reading it for months.

p.s. Turbo Jam? Really? I've seen the infomercials for it. Looks fun...except that I think I'd want to punch the girl half way through.

Lissagerl said...

hahaha You're such a crack up!

Laura said...

My only question is, do you own the turbo jam gloves??

Laura said...

Sadly, I do not jam. I do so wish I had more time, I might squeeze it in if I did, it looks fun!

Megann said...

You are hilarious. I always love to read your blog. What is funny is you are much more dramatic in word than you are in real life. I would still choose Jacob, but agree with you on the whole Bella issue. Maybe I'll have to read the unpublished Edward story.

Cynthia and Bryan said...

The sleeping thing sucks so bad !! As a parent lack of sleep makes it harder to deal with my kids !! Hopefully you guys will work it soon. Presley goes through phase when she will sleep like a champ, and phases like now when she comes in our bed and kicks me in the stomach and the crotch all night long...ugh ! Anyway anxious to see halloween pics !

The Weaver's said...

So Kamryn's hair things were given to me by my lovely sister-in-law so I will have to see where she got them. And no, Ryker does not get to have flu shots. He had one his first year before we knew of the egg allergy but hasn't had one since. Hate it!

Your post on the flu shot was hilarious! I think they hurt too! Stupid shots.

And been there, done that on the falling out of bed experience. Ryker has done it twice now. The first time was out of his crib when he was little. We were sleeping in our trailer for a few months, yes you heard me right our trailer, while our house was being built and he started crying and I couldn't bear to get up with him one more time so then it happened...THUD on the trailer floor. I know that sinking feeling of broken neck, paralysis, deformaties, etc. He did the same the in his loft bed I bought him. Good idea buying a three year old a loft bed! Mother of the Year! He fell out of it the first night and I thought for sure he was going to have a broken bone but to my amazement, he survived!

Cynthia and Bryan said...

Thanks- I needed that- well I kind of asked for it, but I mean really do people think that I should naturally be a seamstress ? Cracks me up ! I see llama llama red pajama- Presley loved that one and we have llama llama mad at mama, and we read that every night.

Jeana said...

Hey Mandy! Love the blog! Just an FYI my arm killed after my flu shot too. Another nurse at my work gave it to me and my arm was GUSHING blood after and I was left with the biggest bruise ever. We also need to get a workout group together. Adam and I are doing
P90X right now and I've heard turbo jam is really good :)