Monday, October 20, 2008

Martha Mandy

I just needed to brag about my new found ability in the world of creative crafting. Just look at this dress:

I know! It is really all because of an etsy dress that I saw but didn't want to pay the price (cheep-o) Anyway, my dear sweet mommy told me that it would be an easy dress to make and a few hours later wha-la! Her very own spider dress!

I am just so happy that I have been planning all sorts of cool dresses for her to model.

Anyway, she got to display her dress at Gardner Village last week. Sucky idea....UEA + Halloween time at GV= millions of tiny people running a muck. It was nothing short of insanity inducing weaving through people.

See the sadness that the day produced!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Loves and kisses!


Lissagerl said...

VERY cute dress!! Go you!

Brian and Lauren said...

So so so so freaking cute! You have major talent! We missed you and Addi at the alumni weekend!

McKelle said...

I've already told you about how impressed I am by that dress. Gardner village was "fun" I guess. Way too many stupid people.

McKelle said...

Oh, one more thing. If you had your choice, how would you spell Lane, Laine, Layne (Layne isn't really an option because Morgan thinks it's would have been my choice. Dumb Morgan.

Cynthia and Bryan said...

Alright Martha ! That is so cute, not too mention your beautiful dress model ! I have been learning to sew the last few months, and I am making Presley a Belle costume, :) Ill post pics if it turns out looking like a dress :)

Jennica said...

Impressive lady! I love Halloween and all the fun and happiness it brings to our kiddos.
Can't wait to see all the other Mandy-creations.

How are you? We are coming down for Thanksgiving and I would love to see you!

Jodi said...

Really Mandy, we could just add some material at the bottom and a few inches around the armpits and I could have my very own spider dress as well. Promise you'll think about it?

Lisa said...

Very cute dress for a very cute little girl!

That said, I don't think we can be friends any more. Nope, sorry. You continue to come to Salt Lake and not even tell me. Do you know I drove by GV TWO times and looked at all the cars and wondered who was there, and what fun things they were doing? *Hmph* I am extremly upset now.