Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RTT 12/11/08

1. Only two weeks till Christmas...poop.

I swear I have nothing done. No presents wrapped. No cards sent. No egg nogged. Nothing. I have two weeks to get it all in. Any tips on what to get all those people I have no idea what to get, just throw something out there, there is no such thing as a stupid idea for me.

2. Not meeting some peoples expectations.
Addi came up to me yesterday with three spherical objects, (a golf ball that glows in the dark mind you, a plastic apple and the top of a fake ice cream cone.) What does she want me to do with them you ask?

"Juggle." She requests.

"Juggle?" I question. Why the peeps does she want me to juggle these things for her. Does she not know that while I would like to be all knowing and brilliant in all things juggling is simply not one of the things that I can do (I did not graduate from Alta!)
So there I stupidly sit with the balls in my hands and fake juggle, you know, just move my arms up and down real fast and hum a circus song. Didn't fool her. So now I need to learn how to juggle so that the look of pure disappointment is finally wiped from her face.

3. I'm cold.
I know that we have not even gotten snow to speak of yet...but I'm cold. Very cold. I want summer back.

4. Procrastination kills.
At the start of November I saw this nativity for sale. Wanted it. Didn't get it. Now they are all out of stock unless I want to fork over like 3 times as much. Why didn't I just buy the damned baby Jesus?


McKelle said...

I was waiting all day for your post. It made a good ending for my long day. I wish I could help you with the present problem...however I am in the same predicament. My dad, my in laws, etc. Stupid Christmas presents. Really, couldn't we all be happy with some alcohol and swearing (i miss grandpa). Anyway, wish I could see you soon. love you!

Cynthia and Bryan said...

i love you :) You crack me up. The aprons...I made the pattern, I went and looked at JoAnns for a pattern, but couldn't find one that looked like these so I took some old fabric and made one...You can do it...They were super easy, with the exception of the ruffle which took some time and alot of pinning and measuring but all in all a super qucik project. You hammer one of these babies out in about 2 hours.

Jennica said...

I'm feeling pretty good that at least I've egg nogged, I can juggle, and I have bought some presents. ...Maybe you should look into taking juggling classes from the Community. I'm totally going to next year. I need to move up from 3 balls to more. Maybe Rob and I can come up with an act? Who knows? I always love Christmas, but I'm tired of all the stress and pressure to have everything done, pretty, and great! Maybe next year.

Jodi said...

My favorite RT this week? Addi's request for you to juggle. What makes this story even better? The objects she brought you. Mandy, I really don't think it's your fault. If she would have brought you some reasonable objects to juggle, perhaps you could have.

Jodi said...

I had to tell you! Tate can juggle! Problem solved. You can borrow him anytime. He picked up some balls the other day and started juggling them! I gasped and shrieked in delight: "You can juggle!" Wow. I feel like I hardly know him.

Brian and Lauren said...

Update! Update! Update!!! I must know how life is going and see more pics of my favorite little Addi

Platt Family said...

Hey, so I just wanted to leave you a message a tell you that I am making my blog private. I would love to stay in touch with you, so if you want an invite to it e-mail me at Your little girl is too cute!