Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Thought Thursday- Favorite things edition

First that crazy nun on Sound of Music talked about it, then Oprah tried to duplicate it is the Random Thought turn.

These are just a few of my favorite things...well at least for today. I am a finicky person and change my mind at any moment so for today, here are my favorites.

1. Personality Profiles:

I remember watching the commercials about how different people eat Oreo's differently. I thought it was a clever idea, but really, does it mean anything when you eat it a certain way? That was before I watched my 19 month old figure her own way of eating the yummy concoction. Addi hates milk....unless it is accompanied by some cookies. As I was watching her the other day, I noticed that she was eating the cooking in a very specific manor. She did not get this from me...I am more of the soggy cooking sitting in the milk for a minute so it falls apart when it hits your tongue. Anyway, I thought this was an awesome way to look at someones personality. This is on the list because one of my favorite things is watching her develop her own way of doing thing. No imitations, just what she feels.Are you a dipper, are you a separate and licker, are you a straight up eater? Come on people, what is your personality?

2. Nativities...mostly the sheep.
I don't know where it came from, but I have always adored sheep. Not the real ones that have poop hanging from their wool (although they are cute too), but the fake kind that look like you could cuddle up to them and drink hot cocoa with. (I don't know why I want to drink cocoa with them...that is why it is random people!) Anyway, I love setting out my nativities each year to remember how cute the sheep are...Baby Jesus isn't bad either, but a close second (I will repent later)

3. Pajamas
If I had an addiction, an untamable compulsion to buy something it would be size 2T pajamas. How freakin' cute are they? I am not joking, while standing in the store, I have to talk myself out of buying them by telling myself mental messages like these:
"Ron is going to kill you if you take home one more pair"
"There are only 7 nights in a week, how many pairs do you need?"
"Don't you have at least 3 pairs like that at home?"
"Seriously, Ron is going to kill you and then send your remains to the loony bin!"
Most of the time these messages mean nothing and they end up in the cart. The Christmas ones alone have their own drawer. I know, how dumb is this. She wears them to bed, we get up and take them off...well unless we aren't doing and then...well you know those days. (I choose this picture because it also shows my above love:

4. Cottage Cheese
I swear, like 3 cartons a week. I could go through one a day if that didn't mean I would just have to go to the store the next day. I don't know what it is, the creamy chunks (I hope it is not the creamy chunks because that is just gross) but something about that is just so good.

5. Slippers
Sometimes in the middle of the day, I fantasize about when I get to go home and put on my slippers. I fantasize even more about putting them on over knee high socks and just being cozy for the day. Seriously, why are my toes made of small icebergs that only melt at like 3 in the morning when I am forced to strip off my knee highs and wipe the sweat from them. My favorite slippers are these (see below) because the hold on with the best of them and call my name in such a loving way.

6 Diluted Crystal Light
Good stuff, just too strong. Crystal Light is a good cool replacement when water tastes too watery and you just need some fake fruit taste. But straight up it is just too...I don't know...fake sugary. So I like to go 1/3 CL and 1/3 H2O. Good ratio if you are looking for one. I like to put it in my squirt bottle and go to town.

7. My most favorite things...
My family. Addison, my sweet Husbie, my mommy and dad and all the rest that make my life complete. This time of year is awesome because the whole world unites in celebration of giving and family. How cool is that? What would I do without them? They make me who I am and that is a pretty happy person. I'm sure everyone out there agrees that family is a pretty great favorite thing.

So what are your favorite things....Happy Thursday everyone! I also what to give a special shout out to one of my favorite RTT readers who just got engaged...Jodi, you rock and Tate is one lucky peanut! Love ya!


McKelle said...

I love random thought Thursday. It's great!

I'm sitting here eating oreos...what a coincidence, i know. I'm a dunker. Oreos must have milk! If there is no milk, I will not partake. I like them soggy. I like the mint ones especially.

I know I'm totally included in your family love. Right? I feel loved!

I also love stripper poles. I don't know what it is...they give me warm fuzzies.

Jennica said...

Okay, for the Oreos, I just eat them in two bites, no milk. I totally agree with the pajama thing. I don't know what your thing is about the sheep? But I'm sure you will now get a few more for Christmas. I too love slippers and have had a few favorites, and cottage cheese is just gross. Yes, that's right I said gross, can't stand it, but on to the important stuff....Family is so, so important! I have two friends up here going through some major marital struggles, one that will probably end in divorce, and am just so grateful for Rob and how well he knows me, how I know he loves me, how forgiving he is, and how great of a father he is to my 2 boys. Happy Thanksgiving lady! I love your posts!

Megann said...

I too have been on a cottage cheese kick lately, not to the same extent as you but it is great as kind of a dip with Ruffles. Girl pajamas are definitely cuter than boys. I am a huge fan of Random thought thursday.

McKelle said...

Not random thought Thursday yet? Oh well...

Don't even remind me that in 9/10 WEEKS there will be a new baby living here. It's scary! Really scary! Do you think I'll get lucky and this one will come out talking, walking and potty trained? The newborn phase is the worst, and I'm NOT looking forward to it.