Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ducks, Ball, and Mommies

Things have been a little crazy round these parts. Softball is almost over though which will only give me more time to be busy, but good. Life is good.
  1. Ducks:

    Ron had to be an escort at Cotillion this past weekend up at Weber State so me and Bugs went along to feed the ducks, check out the princesses and grove to the funky rhythms that the DJ was pumping, (did that sound cool? I was trying to sound cool and hip and stuff, did I totally pull it off?) It was awesome, ducks are awesome and I am thinking about getting some of those when we get our new back yard too. Anyway, we took our cheep loaf of bread and the ducks and seagulls went to town….and Addi. I swear she never eats as well as when she is supposed to give it to something else. She liked the ducks, liked watching me feed them, mostly liked eating the bread. That was until this giant goose caught on to her selfish ways and walked right up to her and stole her bread from her terror stricken little hand. I was rolling, (well not literally, the ground is covered with pounds of duck feces) I couldn't stop laughing, even if my daughter was slightly scarred by the bully goose, it was funny, she'll get over it. This is the very goose, look at him eyeballing that loaf.

2.Softball Team:

The wonderous Royals won the Region V title this week. Very proud of them, I usually hate them and have countless moments where I want to put a bat through their aoretas, but all in all they are good gals. One girl though is trying to kill me. I am a pretty nice person, I usually have all sorts of patience in my students and in others, but there is this girl on my team that every day does something to turn me into a total giant throbbing 'B' word. Seriously, I have all sorts of stories but this one jumps out at me. It was before a game last week and I was throwing to the chickas and she steps in the box….sans shoes.
"Where are your cleats?"
"I forgot them."
"K, (long sigh) go put on your running shoes so you can hit."
"I don't have them either."
"Really? (insert sarcastion as needed) Im not pitching to you unless you have shoes."
Two seconds later she is back in the box with one shoe and one slipper.
Anger rising,"Im not kidding, Im not throwing to you till you get some real shoes. You could break your foot."
"I don't even like my feet." Seriously, she really was doing this to me. I wanted to beat her. I should have just broken her foot.
3. Mommies:
This is my third mothers day and I could not be more blessed. I love being a mom, even when I don't like it, I truly love it. Addi is such a blessing, such an inspiration, such an super star. I am sometimes surprised by how much I love her, how much she fills my heart, but what sometimes surprises me more is how much she loves me. When she wraps her little arms around my neck and squeezes and I can smell her little girl smell I am just blown away. How lucky am I to be a mom?

And how lucky am I to have the mom I was blessed with? I have never seen a lady so dedicated to the loves of her life. She would do absolutely anything for us (we take her up on that.) She loves Addi like I could only dream of her being loved. She makes every grandkid feel like the most important, most precious, most loved being on the earth. How does she do this? I have made it my life goal to be like her one day. You are my best friend, best mommy, best everything. Thanks for giving me the "Best Day" every day.

Yep, she is under a card table with Addi, she will do anything.


McKelle said...

I totally would have been laughing too at the goose...then would have tried to get the goose to bite Gwen, because that would be extra funny.

Happy mothers day to you. We did get some great moms huh. I'm happy my mom is your moms sister so that we can be pretend sisters.

Speaking of sisters...don't you think it's about time to give Addi a sister (or brother)? So go home and get busy!

Jennica said...

Great post, and Happy Mother's Day to you! You are an awesome mom and have learned from one of the best. I always loved your mom, she is so sweet!
Next time I say go ahead and pitch to the girl, maybe give her a drop ball or two. Sometimes they just have to learn the hard way, right?

Kate (and LaVon) said...

Oh Mandy! Great stories -- and I'm with Jennica -- just throw right at those lil toes...then maybe she'll get the point. And - you are probably the MEANEST coach ever -- yeah right! THey have NO idea!!

Janika said...

i have to agree with mckelle ....get busy! you make such a wonderful mom and you have a wonderful grandma and you have a wonderful little whats stopping you? I hope you have the best mothers day ever! and good luck with the softball ladies. I would have broken her foot just to prove the point. And try and stay away from the MEAN geese. Tate got attacked by one at lagoon (the full story is in the blog) it was terrifying and a little funny but mostly just scary! poor addi is probably ruined for life now...which means no more baby animal days for you! :)

TC Jolley said...

Oh how I love Judge Judy... not the real one, she's a hag, but your mom... yes! Happy Mother's Day girl, you are a WONDERFUL mom. And for that girl, grrrrr! Show her your ugly toe nail and tell her that if she messes with you again, she'll have one just like it, then she'll have to get a fake one for her wedding and loose it in the grass too... LOL!!! Love you girl.

millisue said...

Awwww.... Yeah I love you, and Addi, and judge Judy, and especially the shoeless joe jackson girl... makes my day.

Nye Family said...

Oh Mandy, I love you too pieces. I can just see the fury in your eyes with your little "player". What a little "b" word :-) You should have given her one of Mandy's killer pitches ritght into the ankle. Ha ha, that would have taught her.

And Addi, what a doll face. She is so precious. We really need ALL get together and have lunch while the kids play. They would have so much fun. I miss seeing everyone.

Love ya!!!

Jodi said...

Look how cute your blog is! I'm glad you're not my coach, you're mean. Actually, I think you're lying. You're just trying to psych us all out with your toughness. Give me that girl's number. I got your back.

Platt Family said...

Congrats on the title! You are the best coach, I am sure of it! Congrats also on having a 3rd mothers day, hope it was a great one! I actually went to dinner tonite with the officers and student body for my sister to be sworn in for officer. It was fun to be around all those fun high school things, the school song, colors, and memories of graduation, how fun for you to always get to be there!

Anonymous said...


Nye Family said...

Hey, I forgot to ask you...Did you make her adorable green dress? I got a sewing machine for Christmas, with the intentions of making Chenielle some cute dresses, like Addi's. Can you help me out here?