Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So long till August

School is out and it's time to hit the sunscreen! Woo Hoo summer is finally here. As some of you know, I usually do my blogging during school while blissfully ignoring my students and pretending that they are not talking about the various parts of their body they are planning on piercing and the glories that it will bring to their life. You see, currently we are sans Internet at our casa and therefore will not be able to check in your wondrous stories which I am sure will be filled with Popsicles and pools and parades and such. While I will miss you all, we will be very busy too. Here our some of our summer endeavors:

1. Enjoying family time:

This is her pretending to be a dog. Note the hands, Popsicle in one, piece of pizza in another...again...fat kid in the future!

Jeez I love summer! I know I brag about my job a lot, but come on, I will get paid to do things like this...

She realized that watermelon is the greatest of all treats!

Does anyone watch My Name is Earl? So many pictures have her with her eyes closed like the beloved Earl Hickey. Makes me laugh hard.

2. Getting down to business:
I really need to be a tough mommy this summer and get rid of this binkie. She loves it. She does not care if it will destroy her teeth and that kids will make fun of her in school, every time she puts it in her mouth she says "Binkie...Yummy." To her it is the most delicious thing ever and no form of bribery will work at this moment. 1000 dolls or her binkie, you got it, bink is the winner.

Again, Earl Hickey.

We also need to get her to sleep the entire night on her own. She goes down so great, then at about 1 or so we let her get in bed with us. I think we like it just as much as she does so we are totally in for it. There is just nothing like holding and smelling and kissing your sweet baby all night. It is also good to know what she dreams about and let me tell you this, we have a fat kid on our hands. Oh it is so effing funny! Several times she has mumbled in her sleep the desire for Milk and Cookies. Last night she rolled over and was so distraught over the fact that she wanted to eat Corndogs while sitting in her chair. Boy was she mad at the dream demon that was keeping her away from her corndog chair. Yep, we may have a true fat girl on our hands.

3. Building our dreams:
It is official, we are the owners of a nice piece of land in West Haven and will have a house hopefully by the beginning of September. So this summer will be filled with the stress of cleaning up all the dog pee that my poodle has distributed through our house (she is not invited to the new one) and hopefully selling it quickly. Then I have to pick out all my stuff. This may sound like a dream to some, but I swear when it comes to houses I have a total split personality. I love the pottery barn look with white cabinets and airy windows and pale colors, and I also love the rustic dark look that is distressed and worn looking. Which mood will I be in when I pick, who knows! I know there are worse things in the world, but if I choose wrong I will punish myself severely for the next 50 years! We are very excited though and crazy blessed with an awesome builder who is making all our wishes come true. Any tips will be very appreciated.
Our lot, this is the before pic. Ron is pumped to start mowing....he will be exhausted!

4. Thanks!
Thanks to all of you who wished my team luck and supported them, they did it! They won the State championship! Last time we won was 11 years ago when I pitched, and it was seriously cooler being a coach and watching my niece be so amazing. She didn't allow a single run all tournament and was simply astounding out there. I started crying in about the 5th and didn't let up till we were home. Addi drove home on the bus with us and we got a police escort through Roy, it was awesome and she stuck her little number 1 finger out the window the entire way. Too bad she will be a dancer and will never know the field...at least not as a pitcher, my heart cant take it!


Laura said...

Wow, so much is going on in your life right now! Congratulations on winning the State Championship, what a great feeling!
Congratulations on the house thing, I don't envy you at all, well, maybe a little. But I am so indesicive (I have no idea how to spell that!) I would have the hardest time picking out the things I would want.
I love the pics of Addi, she is so silly. Good luck with the binki thing, Peyton gave his up when he was about 3, after we went to just letting him have it at night or nap time. If he asked for it we would tell him he had to stay in his bed to have it. Don't feel bad about letting her sleep with you, Dan and I are so bad at that too. We love it when Peyton sleeps with us and he pretty much does every night. We have gotten to the point were we don't even attempt to put him in his own bed, I just love snuggling with him and he is such a sweet boy. If we tell him he has to sleep in his own bed he says "but I don't want to cuddle with nobody!" how can I say no too that? Hopefully (for the sake of growing up) he will be sleeping in his bed more now that he shares a bunkbed with Bailey.
How sad that you wont have internet access all Summer! I will miss your funny posts!
Again, good luck with everything!

TC Jolley said...

Mandy, congrats Roy and Roy's awesome coach... it really doesn't surprise me because you are AWESOME. Sometimes I think about coaching but I just don't know. I didn't know you were building a new home... wtf... are we really that out of touch? I miss you. I hope playing with me in July fits under the "things to do this summer" list. Lovs.

McKelle said...

Fine, take a break from blogging, but don't take a break from me. Lets get together soon. PLEASE!!!

Super exciting about the house by the way. Tough decisions. Have fun.

Janika said...

I am green with envy! I am so excited for you 'lot' soon to be 'house'. addi is the cutest thing! dancers are WONDERFUL!!!! congrats on the win and i love how shaylee is front and center. what a nerd. I will miss your updates all summer. how about you give us a call once and a while and lets get together. a whole summer will just be too long.

Nye Family said...

Yay for summer....I so miss teaching with you. There has honestly been times when I have sincerly thought about going back and teaching. I am so happy for you and to hear ALL the good news. So I have an idea...after the house is all done and put together you host the "friend lunch" at your beautiful homw. I know it is going to be amazing. I hope to see you at the parades and such, so I can keep tabs on your adorable Addi. Congrats on STATE. You are so amazing. I was just talking to Clint the other day, while we were watching a little baseball. Telling him how amazing of a pitcher you were and all the good stuff about you. I miss watching you "break your back" while you were pitching. Love you Mandy!!! Have a BLAST of a summer.

Brian and Lauren said...

Mandy! It was sooo great to see you and your cute family at STATE! CONGRATS again! I miss you and I am sad that you live so far :( Ummmm, could Addison be ANY CUTER??? I think not! I literally want to take her home with me and snuggle! Good luck on getting rid of the binky! My Dr. told me to just give it during sleep time, and take it away when he is 3. He said to take him to the store and have him pick out a toy and "pay" with his binkies :). My kid is no dummy, he will not fall for that. He is a hardcore addict :) I also wanted to send CONGRATS your way on building your dream home! I am so happy for you guys! You will have to have a House Warming Party, and I will bring cupcakes :)

miss you!

Platt Family said...

Congrats on the Title! Super cool! What a busy summer you have planned! It will be so fun though! Good luck with the house building, I am so glad we are done. If you think building is a pain wait til you have to figure out where to put things, unpacking sucks!!! But having a new house is worth it! Where in West Haven? Who is building it? Congrats it will be great!

Tressa said...

I love it! Seriously Mandy, Addi is TOOO cute! Congrats on State title! That rocks!

Lisa said...

So I'm pretty sure that you and Amy will be nieghbors. They just bought out in West Haven and it looks a lot like your pic. I will have to hate you both if you get to live by each other and not me.

Now, since you are on summer break you are obligated to spend a little time with me and my funny little girl. I'm sure she will love yours! Talk to you soon! Luvs!

Cynthia and Bryan said...

Mandy !! Whooooooohooooo ! Way to go coach ! that is awesome that you guys won state! And that you niece had such an awesome season, what a little stud you guys have. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. I am still in TN and bigger than a house at the moment :) Hope to see ya soon !