Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in session

School has now started which always makes me a little upset.  I like teaching, I do, but I also have a fondness for laying in bed with my babies and staying in pajamas till way too late in the day.  But I only teach every other day so dont feel too bad for me, I will do that by myself.
My sweet husbie has been 'given' (by that I mean forced) into taking over head coaching duties of the Roy High football team this year.  Knowing that we would be daddy-less once school started, we packed lots into our last couple of weeks of summer, here is our rundown:
We blessed our sweet little Elliette Love at the first of the month.  Ron did an amazing job and it was so fun to have friends there that we dont get to see all the time.  It was also nice to just be able to have everyone come over to our own home after.  I am however still quite angry at my husband, first thing he did when he got home was sprint like a woodland deer to our room and removed his suit in record time.  Even before I got to get the signature picture with daddy and daughter.  So ticked.  He promises that we will recreate the day sometime...Im still waiting.  So these are the only pictures we have until I do the recreation myself. 

This is sweet little Hallie, Addi's first friend, it was so fun to have there at the blessing before they moved to AZ
Bear Lake:
Addi has been asking to go to the beach all summer.  I dont think she really even knew what the beach was but by golly she knew she needed to go there.  The closest we could think of was Bear Lake so bright and early we packed it up and went to the beach.  She was in love.  I will lose her to California or Florida someday, of that I am sure.  She was a raving lunatic and could have stayed there all year.  I dont even think she took time to snack or anything.  She loved the sand, the water, every last bit of her was totally thrilled to be there. 
Ellie is slightly less impressed
Being burried by her cousins

Roy Days:
Anyone who knows me knows that I will forever be a Roy gal, even if I dont really live there anymore, it will always be a huge part of me, here is the day:
The hot, so many fire engins, Addi didnt adore this parade

At the Carnie with her cute friend Whitlee showing off their face tatts

Fireworks with my ma, bros, and nieces and nephews (and Mitch, Cauley's boy)
This was our 7th year being married.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband.  He is eternally doing whatever he can to make me happy and has given me the two best gifts ever.  For this year we went to Little America with the gals and went swimming and eating.  Addi wants to live in a hotel.  I love you husbie.
My gals posing for some pics

After the hotel we 'Zoo-ed" it up for awhile.
Thanks for the great life!



McKelle said...

Happy 7th. That's a long time you know. Looks like you guys had some good fun before school started. Do you think we'll be able to get together soon? Gardner Village right? Love!

Janika said...

I seriously love you and your posts! So many fun things! I know I always say: when are we going to get together but I really really want! Lets bring Cheyenne in on it too! I am going to call you! So be prepared!

Kate (and LaVon) said...

So cute!!!! Those 2 girlies are to die for!!! Great job momma!

Crystal said...

You have 2 amazingly beautiful little girls. So fun!!! Glad you got to "squeeze" some fun in before the hubby got way too busy.

Jennica said...

Back to the joys. It's a bit of both excitement and sadness when the boys start school....mostly joys, but to have the husbie so committed to work and after school things, I'm sure is super hard. Those girls are adorable and I'm glad you had a fun summer. I tried to get ahold of you while I was down a few weeks ago, but lucked out. Maybe next time.

Laura said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun this Summer. I REALLY want to get together for a playdate. We should do it now that P's in school, Bailey would LOVE it!
PS being a working mom sucks donchya think??!?!?!