Thursday, September 2, 2010


Next week Addi starts her first round of preschool.  She is completely ready and yearns for some interaction with any sort of kid that will play with her.  I'm ready too I swear.  I think she will be much happier when she has something to do outside of me and what I have to offer her.  I was ready that is until the orientation yesterday.  All was great, the kids met their teacher and had a snack (Addi's is good at snacks.)  Then we went to reading time where they read this story:
I was good until then.  Then the teacher reads about this cute little raccoon that does not want to go to school so the mom kisses his hand and tells him to just touch his cheek when he feels alone and it will be like she is kissing him all better.
That's when I got all misty eyed and tried to pretend I wasn't crying over my 3 year old going to school and leaving me. 
Now, I will be fine, but it just shows how fast she is growing.  When did that happen?
By the way, she has a severe problem with looking at the actual camera with her eyes open.  I don't know why!  I cant figure the gal out.  I once heard that Native Americans said that the camera stole your soul....I think Ron said he was like 1/8th something so maybe it is the soul stealing she is worried about.


carvers said...

Don't worry you aren't alone.....When I dropped Andrew off for the first time, I balled my eyes out the whole way was terrible. But you will see that they love it, so it makes it a little easier on the mom!

Jodi said...

Look how cute she is! I love the tats! That way, those bullies know not to mess with her.

McKelle said...

Gwen still can't figure out the camera thing either. I can never get any good shots of her. Addi is adorable. She'll love school.

Crystal said...

Way to go, Addi. Hope you enjoy school. You are so adorable.

fidge said...

Oh, that book is called "The Kissing Hand" Preschool teachers everywhere read it to their kiddos hoping that there will be less children having to be peeled off of their mommy's legs. I have a copy of it in case you need to reminisce on how it made you feel (when she gets in jr. high and you are truly wondering how you ever shed a tear when she left for school)
I love you girl.

Merianne said...

Hey Mandi..I hope its ok I found your blog somehow, but wanted you to know that Kenzie loves your little Addi if your ever looking for a playmate...Merianne :)

Merianne said...

and if you want to check out are blog its