Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October fest

It is alas over.  October was seriously one crazy month full of activities and field trips and all the trick or treat madness that one could possibly handle.  I do believe that Halloween is (among) Addi's favorite holidays and she has been talking about our costumes since I believe last November 1st.  Her plan was simple:
Addi:  Princess
Daddy: Knight
Ellie: Unicorn
Mommy:....Dragon.  Seriously a dragon Addi?  WTF!  Why does everyone else get a cute costume and Mom gets to be the giant evil ugly creature?  She never saw the humor in it and simply thought her idea was awesome and therefore needed no tweaking.  Well needless to say, I could not find a dragon costume and Ron was no fun in dressing up and well, Ellie is only 5ish months so sticking a giant horn on her head was not on her list of priorities.  However, she did get her wish of being a princess.  She chose to be Snow White, I got her a wig and everything...the wig was super gross though and looked more like a black rat had died on her head so she remained blond. 
We also had to make our annual trip to Gardner Village to look at the witches.  Addi has learned to fear quite a bit so she kept her distance from the witches but not from her cute sister.
Addi and Ellie, this was Ellies costume...because seriously, she didn't care.  Member how with the first kid you actually think they need a whole costume and then the second comes and you realize that they don't care one bit? Funny. But still, she is insanely cute hu?
We also had Addi's first field trip to Black Island Farms.  So fun.  I am sure I was more excited than she was.  I just LOVE being a mom and seeing the world through their eyes.  Addi is so much fun and so excited to do anything.  She is so much fun to be with and I am so lucky to have her. 

Her cute class

Us on our way to get a punkin.

The actual punkin.
We also had her preschool party where they sang the cutest songs. Seriously, three is such an awesome age.  I have loved everything about it!  (well, to be honest, the whole potty training thing was going to put me over the edge, but other than that it has been the best age ever.)
Now here's to getting ready for Christmas stuff! 


Crystal said...

You would have made an beautiful dragon. I'm also glad to hear that my husband isn't the ONLY husband that doesn't dress up for the holiday :-(
Addi made a beautiful Snow White. And Ellie made the cutest little skeleton. (That is the same thing Victor was this year.)
Oh and one last thing........I LOVE HALLOWEEN

Platt Family said...

My baby had the exact same costume as Ellie, but black! Best costume ever for a baby, not so big and hot! Loved it and love the pink! I really love the snow white dress too!

Cheyenne said...

Elli looks so much like Addi did back in the day! She's absolutely adorable! They both are :) I'm glad you both love her preschool,I still haven't gotten Hallie in preschool, it sounds so sweet :) Good luck with Christmas craziness!

McKelle said...

Love it all. I didn't dress up. Morgan kind of did. It was fun seeing the witches with you and filling our kids up with candy. Is Ellie hooked on cotton candy now?

p.s. Did that guy ever show up with that thing for Morgan?

Jennica said...

The girls look so cute together and I love the pic where Addie has her hand up on your face.....precious. Glad you survived the chaos and all the sugar highs....I love all holidays in the fall!