Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Annual Koford Movie Night

Someday our basement will be finished (after a yard and finishing the babe's room and about 9 million other things including a trip to Disney Land...hint hint Ronny...come on, how great would that be?)  Anyway, someday our basement will be finished and we want a cool movie room down there, so we found an awesome popcorn machine thanks to KSL and we wanted to break it in.
We tend to go a little overboard when we have theme nights and this was no exception.  We heading to the store with intentions of getting a FEW treats to munch on during the movie.  We ended up looking like the poster kids for obesity in America. 
'Smiling' more like growling at the new popcorn machine.

Seriously....Salt and Pepper chips (me...I love them) other chips (Ronny) Bugles (Addi) fish, twislers, M &M's other various candy and the giant Chocolate Frosted Flakes for me.  I love them, am addicted, horrible with milk but dry they are simply Divine!

Totally unimpressed by anything but her thumb.
We watched Dragons, such a crazy cute least until Addi said it was too late and she just wanted to go to bed.  I made Ron watch the rest with me because it always makes me that good warm feel good way.   Here's to many more movie nights!  Cant wait till Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me come out!  So much popcorn and more Chocolate frosted flakes for me!


Janika said...

looks like so much fun! I have Toy story 3 on pre-order and have Despicable Mes release date circled on the calendar! It might be my most favorite movie EVER!

Megann said...

We do movie night too, we love it and the kids get really excited. We don't have a popcorn machine but a good bag of popcorn suffices our kids. Super cute.

Crystal said...

Love the popcorn machine. I have always wanted one. Lucky lady. How beautiful is cute. We TOTALLY missed you last week at lunch over at Katie's. :-(...sniff, sniff

Merianne said...

You Guys are sooo CUTE...I am soo glad you are in our ward and I am getting to know you better..and again Kenzie just LOVES your Addi..Yeah for Movie Night!!!!

millisue said...

I want to be in your family, obese and all! Whatev! You guys look good. Oh and will you please copy my blog and do a "letters to people you love" post, you would make it a classic!

Jennica said...

I too love the popcorn machine, it's funny because I've been debating to buy one that shoots it out or the round ones that rotate and pop....yours takes the cake!

You guys look so great, girls cute, but I think you need to work on your snacks. Kookaburra licorice-red....get rid of the waxy, gross twizzlers....please. If you ever try it, let me know how you likes!