Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Big Comfy Craze

I know she is too young to be glued to the TV. I know all you 'good' moms out there will look down on me and say "Well I never!" But I'm telling you she is addicted!

The Big Comfy Couch. Have you guys ever heard of it?

It is this insanely goofy show about a town of clowns that emits some sort of brain washing rays that has sucked Addi in. Seriously, the first thing she says when she gets up is "Couch?" After playing outside, "Couch?" after eating, bathing, playing, dancing, pooping, basically anything that she does in the day, the plea for 'Couch' is soon to follow. Did I mention that this show is just goofy? Seriously, I would much rather watch the Wiggles or Mickey Mouse or that cute show with the speech impaired duck. But I am stuck with Couch. Did I also mention that it used to be on everyday and then they took it away! It is only on Sunday mornings now, which is the only thing about Sunday that I enjoy....that is another post in and of itself. Anyway, we have like 13 on our DVR and we cycle through them at a surprising speed. Oh heavens!

Now you may be thinking how lucky I am to have a half hour of free time to clean, bath, poop, all MY necessary things, but you would be wrong. My mandatory spot is three inches away from her on the couch.

It is not all bad, I haven't had this much reading time in forever. It made it possible to read Breaking Dawn very quickly (which I loved, all I needed was a little fornication between them and I would be happy, he he) I have read an adorable book called the Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls that was about the Ruby slippers in the Oz story. I have reread various books that I loved and wanted to experience again, and I guess I owe it all to Couch.

Again, judge me if you will. It is all about the happiness of the babe around here. Uh oh, I have strayed father than the couch and am being punished for it. What shows are your kids addicted to?


McKelle said...

Oh, Mandy, I don't judge you. I join you in the "my baby loves TV" club. I have seen "Couch," and I'm happy to say that Gwen doesn't watch it. Unfortunately, she does watch Dora (we had our conversation about Dora previously), and pretty much any show that follows. I'm a bad mom. I sit Gwen in front of the TV so I can get a break. Sue me. I don't think it does them any damage. Her vocabulary is wonderful and she can count to ten in spanish. So there all of you "I never let my kids watch TV" moms. I bet your kids don't speak spanish do they. HA!!!

Thanks for the post Mandy. Have I mentioned that I love you?

millisue said...

whatever "bad mother" I hear the TV is the best babysitter ever and it saves you loads of money!

Jennica said...

Ya know I stumbled on to this weird Couch show because it's hard on Sundays when church isn't til 1pm. Unfortunately, not so much a boy show. Carter kind of watches, but for the most part he's on the go, or begging for one gogurt after another. My babysitters have ranged from Baby Einstein movies, to the Wiggles, to whatever they like when I'm needing time to myself, so don't feel guilty. Whatever it is that keeps you a good mom and in a good place, I'm all for it.

Lisa said...

Hey, you do what ya gotta do! The only way I can do ANYTHING that requires putting Tay down I have to resort to Baby Einstein. But seriously, sometimes I want to take a shower and sometimes I want to wash my hair! So, just be happy that there is something she likes that will allow you a little down time. I had to stay up all hours of the night to read Breaking Dawn cause I sure as hell can't do it during the day! Love ya!