Friday, September 26, 2008

Goose Girl

I have a wonderful neighbor that has a little gal one month older than Addi and every other day (my days off) we have fabulous play dates. Yesterday we decided to go feed the ducks. Now I am all for new things, I just need to remember to think through each plan.

Questions I need to ask myself....

1. Is there any sort of line (last week at the zoo she had a heart attack when we had to wait one turn for the carousel)

2. Does anything look tempting to eat (she will pick up rocks if they look delicious and any thing with a berry, poisonous or not, she will eat)

3. Does it resemble anything she loves (Duck pond= giant tub. This was a nightmare trying to keep her out of the awesome smelling duck poop water)

So we arrive with our bag of popcorn, this was much easier than the bread because that is just another thing Addi hates...stores. We go as seldom as possible so wasting the bread on some birds was out of the question.

Anyway, for ever piece she gave the duck, she ate 5 so at lease it was a yummy snack!
These ducks are on crack! As soon as they see any human with a form of food they swim faster than Michael Phelps to get at us. Sprint swimming over to pork out on our foods!

I am also writing to ask for advice. I want a new house. I am selfish and just sick of living in the town home lifestyle. So sick of having to invite Addi up or downstairs when I just need to pee (she has abandonment issues.) I want a big rambler with a garage (Ron wants a 3 car) I want a giant kitchen (why the poo did we buy a griddle, two blenders, a sandwich maker, and a George Forman when we have 3 cupboards!)

The problem is, we found an amazing house. AMAZING. Not so amazing price tag. Affordable...maybe. It would be something that would be so much more than we are paying. Which means that I would have to be MUCH better about not buying every little thing I wanted. Could we do it, I think. It is just the not knowing that is scary. This is the house...

Then there is this other house, still awesome, not quite as awesome but still pretty cool. Much more affordable but they want us to close in 30 days....we still have our house to sell.

So I am asking for advice, do you buy a house you can easily afford but want to go somewhere else in the future, or buy as much house as you can because you would never move again? What would you do?


Brian and Lauren said...

Addi is a DOLL FACE! I love her! Cannon loves her too :) Coaching softball is soo much fun! Hopefully I will be able to see you guys at the state tourney ;)

ps- I would totally go with a Cedar from Perry Homes :)

pss- you MUST email me, I might have a little something that you would be interested in.....

McKelle said...

Um...both houses look awesome. So, where are they? Would you really never move again? If so, then I'd go for that house. If it's your dream house and you would be happy there for the rest of your life, why not...especially if you CAN afford it, but just have to watch your budget a little more. You can do it! So freaking exciting.

MyR said...

Feeding ducks kind of freaks me out. They are PSYCO I tell ya!

I'm excited you found a house you love, although I DON'T envy your moving. We just finished and am SO GLAD it's over. I'm not looking forward to doing it again in a few years though. AHHHHHH!!!

My advice...coming from one who has done this...I wouldn't advise buying a new house until you have the old place sold. It is NOT FUN stressing about two mortgages!!! NOT FUN AT ALL!!! I think I turned into the wicked witch for a few months! Good luck!

Lori said...

My advice would be to sell yours first but when you do buy another house stretch yourself! You will regret it in a couple years if you don't. Your income will generally increase so you will be happy you stretched it! I know our house now was a stretch but we have quickly outgrown it and can't imagine what we would have done had we not stretched things a little. Good luck selling yours and keep us updated!

Megann said...

Buy the house you want and love as soon as you get your first place sold. I think you can write it in your contract that the buy is dependant on the sale. My house isn't very new but we loved it. Carl lost his job the day before we closed on our current house and things were really tight for a long time, but now we won't every have to move if we chose not to. Think that way, if you have to move it is going to be costy. You don't need everything you want allt he time. Good luck! Exciting.

Lisa said...

I wish we lived closer so we could do play dates! Who knows maybe one day...

As for the house, I must be pretty conservative. I would go with the affordable house, sorry! You just have to think, not only are you buying a house but you are then going to do a yard, decorations, furniture...Don't let that scare you, it's fun and exciting! I just think there is nothing worse than stressing about paying the bills every month. Living pay check to paycheck is no fun and you still need to be able to do extra things!

Good luck with your decision! And keep me posted!

Jennica said...

Crap, I'll take both? Both are beautiful! What's the difference in square footage? How much more do you love the first? How much sacrifice are you going to have to make, and are you really being realistic when you tell yourself that you'll be better? Depending on the numbers and how much you'd have to restrict yourself, I would totally buy the one that I loved.
But definitely only if you put in the contract that it's dependent on the sale of the house you're in now. My good friend has never recovered from falling in love with the home she had to have, and it has been a nightmare for her.

Let us all know what you decide.