Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I guess I should update...

It has been over a month since my last post...sorry, I guess I like reading about other peoples lives rather than relive mine, but I will try.

We went camping. What used to be a fun relaxing thing is not so much anymore! We were there less than 24 hours (Addi decided to get a fever of 102 the next morning so we came home) in those 24 hours, we went through 6 different outfits because of the overwhelming urge to run in the river. It was fun though even if I hate sleeping in a tent (I have gotten old and value sleep too much!)

We also went out for our anniversary (big numero cinco) and partied it up in the big city (Salt Lake) I am really all about the food experiences and we had a grand old time. First we went to Moochies Meatballs since it was one of the restaurants Guy Fieri went to when he came here for Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Oh my heavenly balls of joy!If you go there you need to order the Atomic Meatball. So effing good! It has these glorious meatballs smothered in red sauce and a delicious creamy jalapeno sauce and then is on top of thick slices of feta. My mouth is watering all over the place right now. Go, go now, go often.
We also ate the Sunday brunch at Little America where we stayed. So yummy! Again, you all need to visit this brunch. We have been there for three out of the five anniversaries we have had and I look forward to it each and every year.
15 pounds later, I had to start school. (hold for sobs, whimpers, giant tears and heaving cries) It has actually been alright. I am always amazed by the different types of kids that come through my door each year and I am excited to have new and wondrous stories to tell you all. So far I have a kid that eats a dozen eggs each morning, and a girl that started rocking back and forth with vigor when I said we may learn about sex. It was a good day.
Since I had to start school, I decided I needed a reward and went with my sis in law to Swiss Days in Midway. We got to the park at 7:30 and it was already PACKED! people rushing around like crazy and it gets to you. All the sudden you are throwing bills at people just to get decorations for who knows what! I got some way cute stuff though for Halloween and our house and it was a great day.
So that is what we have been doing, it has been a good month or so since I posted and hopefully now that I have a computer every other day I will be better at documenting my mundane life.


McKelle said...

Finally a new post. I've been checking every hour on the hour for the last month, and have been crying nightly for the lack of communication. Oh how I've missed you. Anyway, the meatballs sound great. I'll see if I can convince Morg into trying something new. Congrats on the 5 years. I love you....more than Ron does. hahaha

Jennica said...

Gosh, I'll definitely have to try the meatball/feta thing, just to see if it is as good as you said in like an entire paragraph!
So glad you posted! I just enjoy reading your writing. You seriously write so well!
How's school. Was it hard to go back to work? And go back to that whole school routine?
Glad you're back lady.

millisue said...

Those meatballs sound heavenly. I could go for a good meatball right about now!!! Your life seems good. I'm glad for the update. Please tell us about your school kids, you have the best stories ever... I swear you make them up... do you? Be honest.

Lisa said...

You know we have all be waiting for this! I'm sorry to hear you are back in school, summer should go on forever!
I'll have to check out that meatball place, we are always up for something new!