Friday, November 7, 2008

Free form Friday

It is the 7th of November and I am finally looking at the very few Halloween pictures we got. It was truly a miserable day. If she was not so young I would have been very depressed. I know I am to cherish each day with Addi, but sometimes I just wish she were a little older so she could curl up with me and watch scary (kinda scary at least) movies with me and eat junk and just enjoy the holiday...she is not bigger yet.
We have had a few rough times the last couple weeks. She seems so infinitely sad lately. We have to have our own little 'time outs' where I just stop everything and hold her tight and sing to her soft and easy so she can settle down and stop crying hysterically. What is she crying about? Nothing. Seriously, I will put on my shoes and she will lose it. She has become quite a homebody and when I mention doing something it usually leads to tears. She only wants to watch TV and the only time she really gets wound up is right before bed, (figures) and then she bounces off the wall for an hour before she passes out. I am barely hanging on most the day and feel like a total failure as a mommy. But this too shall pass.

Anyway, Halloween was not as fun as Halloween usually entails. We went to my mom's and got her costume on her for a total of 3 seconds before she screamed. It was very cute if she would just believe me on that!

We walked around the block and got her first loot. She loved when they let her pick and she would usually take what I psychically tell her to pick, (sometimes she is a good girl!)

On to other things.... those of you who know my deepest wishes know that I really didn't want to be a softball player in high school, I wanted to be a....wait for it....CHEERLEADER. Spirit fingers and all. I never had the legs for it though and I let the desire burn in me forever. So I love living vicariously through this wonderful show. The DCC! Who wouldn't want to wear sparkling white cowboy boots and have your boobs covered with stars! Count me in! It is on Saturdays so I only have to wait one more day! Addi wants to be one too, I just KNOW it!
Have a happy weekend everyone!


Cynthia and Bryan said...

If you would have let her wear sparkly boots and star pasties on her boobs then she probably would have been in a better mood for halloween...way to go mom :)! Sorry she is so sad- she's still cute ! Put knox on the list with Cannon of boys to choose from.

Jennica said...

It must be the time of year. It's a little rough on a lot of people this year. Carter, my sister, little Addi, but you go right ahead and put your secret cheerleader costume on and give us all a cheer. I know that would perk my mood right up.

So unfortunately, I'm only going to be in Logan for like a day, so if there's any chance you wanna drive up for lunch? but don't feel like you have to. It's a busy time of year, and there will be other times. I'm coming down Tuesday, Nov. 25th. I've convinced my 2 other sisters to drive up to Logan where my other sister lives to cut down on all the driving! It's 10 hours to Idaho, so I'm making my trip down as short of driving as I possibly can. Let me know.
miss you

byronandniki said...

I can totally picture you as a hot cheerleader. And believe me when I say you have the legs for it! Whoa!