Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Thought Thursday Part Deux

Time for my second addition of Random Thought Thursday!

1. Damn Dog.

I remember the days prior Addi that my poodle filled the space in my heart that yearned for motherhood. I got to take care of her and feed her and do all the cute things that I wanted. That was a little over 18 months ago. Her bark didn't seem like the harsh piercing noise that it does now, of which she likes to use as frequently as possible. I don't remember her chasing people down the street like she does now (children are terrified!) I don't remember her constantly urinating on ever bit of carpet (I DO remember getting up at 2 in the morning to let her out.) Now I think I am just too tired. Too tired for her barking all hours of the day, too tired to take her on the random walks that we used to go on. Now she has a new ruler (Addi) and she no likie. When we eventually move into a new house (entirely different topic) she is no longer allowed at our house. I know this sounds amazingly horrible, and I agree, but my dad has seen the damage that she can do and says that he wont let her ruin a new home. I will miss her, I promise, but it will kinda be nice to not find the latest damage that she has created.

Look at this face, how could she be anything but sweet and puppylike?

2. Top Chef Time!

If you have the the Bravo channel, and you don't watch Top Chef, you are mildly retarded. I love this show, I have loved it since season one when I first laid eyes on Tom Colicchio and fell in love with the quirky cooking competition. I would love to someday be on it but I know I would start crying when I had to make my first thing and realized that I couldn't use a cookbook and the fact that everyone is mean and cocky and have a much higher self esteem than I. I am a little nervous for this season because there has yet to be a person that I am cheering for. Usually I can pick out someone that I root for but that person has not emerged yet.

3. Biggest loser

I do however have many people I HATE on this show. I want to know how many of you watch it and have grown to despise Vickie. She is pure evil. Where her soul is lies a giant stinky spider of death (I hate spiders so I just imagine that is what she is full of.) I was pumped to see her stupid lame old husband get kicked off, and I hope she gains all the weight back, (I know, I am bad, but seriously, you have to watch to know that she is just plain wrong!) She is just the start of it, I hate her husband, I hate Heba (what the hell parents, nice name!) and I hate that whole team. I love this show, I think it is motivating and awesome, but this year I just want them to shut up and go run a lap or something!

4. Addi has finally emerged from her funk! Happy days are here again! This is her new "camera" face. Cheese!


Kate (and LaVon) said...

I HATE Vicky too!!! I was venting to LaVon last night about it and how class-less she and her husband are. I even told him SHE would be the reason I would stop watching!! And THAT means she must be awful!! So funny that you are seeing the same thing...pure evil is right. All around though...I feel bad for their kids...they must be really messed up to have parents like them. So sad!!! Now you've got me all fired up!!!

McKelle said...

No, I love you. I'm glad you don't judge me for my posts. I can't help how I feel.

Sorry about the dog. Soon (if not already) Addi will replace all of the annoying things that the dog did.

Death to Vicky. Love the show. Hate the blue team. Yay for Amy for voting against the team of nastiness. I cheered silently (because it was late...I really wanted to organize a giant parade...a Vickys a mean witch and her husband got kicked off parade.) when Brady went home. Now Vicky will be after Amy for sure! I hate Vicky!

Lori said...

I am totally agree with you on The Biggest Loser. I was actually cheering out loud when Amy voted for Vicki's husband to get voted off! YAHOO! I also do not like Heba and I am glad that the black and blue teams are once again even and no advantage!

TC Jolley said...

I have no idea what is going on with TV these days... I've been living on the moon and am finally getting access to my phone and the computer :) YIPEE! Addie is as cute as ever, I love your new page set up. I love you :) I loved your letter, you made my day.

millisue said...

um.... you are cute and i love the inner workings of your mind. keep them coming!

Megann said...

I love the way you write, you always have me rolling. Cute new blog. I miss you too, I stopped by the other day when I took the day off and remembered that you were at home too. I'm glad addy is out of her funk, Garrick gets into those too.

Megann said...

Oh and is there a specific reason you have a link for maternity dresses?

Jodi said...

I want you to know that Thursdays are now my favorite days.

Jodi said...

It is now Thursday. Please don't let me down.