Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Thought Thursday

Thursday again....time for some random thoughts!

1. Much to much randomness in my head today! I have been going through a sleep deprivation program that my daughter has developed for me. For those who may not know, she is NOT a newborn, does not need to wake up to eat or be changed or soothed like newborns, but she is about 19 times crazier! Seriously, I am going nuts. I am a bad mother and basically let Addi rule to roost. Hence the backfire. She wakes up at about midnight each night and calls for me. I rush to her crib and give her kisses and tell her to go to sleep....but....she cant fall asleep unless she is holding my hand. She cant drive in the car unless she is holding my hand (it will kill us both.) She doesn't even like to just watch TV unless I am holding her hand. At first it was cute, she needed me so much that she just wanted to touch me all the time. Now I regret it. So there I am, drunk with sleep standing at her crib with her cute fingers wrapped around mine.

She is finally asleep....tiptoe out.....quietly climb into bed....breath sigh of relief......


So last night I let her cry. An hour later after calling for me, yelling "HELP" as loudly as possible, what finally did it in was when she started wanted a "Rock-a-bye" over and over. Crying makes me is like speed for her. She was wide awake and giddy to see me in hopes that we could play. At 2 am mommy is in no mood to play. I have failed at being a sleep momma and vow to make my next child (heaven help us) less needy.

2. How crafty am I? I had so much fun making her Halloween dress that I made a thanksgiving day dress that anyone could be thankful for...
There is something so satisfying to me sitting at a sewing machine. I used to be totally terrified of them, I vaguely remember making a crazy hot pad that I would rather be burnt with than really was bad. I think the teacher felt bad for me and my total lack of homemaking skills.

3. For the love of deformities.

I love my job. Every other day I get to hang out with crazy teenagers and talk about whatever I want! Seriously, I show up, have a basic plan of what to do and we chat the day away. Sure I sometimes yell and them and call them morons and bastards (I really don't, but I want to) but all and all, I am shocked they pay me what they do for my job. So right now we are taking about heredity and genes and stuff. Today was genetic mutation. Just hearing the name you know you are in for a good time:
Who doesn't love a four legged duck?This is kinda awesome/kinda gross. This guy has his big belly because when he was in his mothers nice warm womb, his sweet twin brother died and his belly absorbed him...that's brotherly love. So he has his dead twin brother in his tummy. Nice.

This is the cyclops cat. Yep a good old fashioned one eyed cat.

I have no doubt that I am a demented freak for enjoying this lesson so much. I like freaky things, I'm sure there are quite a few of you freaks out there...admit it!

4. Damn dog...again.

Macie keeps getting me in trouble! We go outside to play and she follows us, until someone (who she is sure is a serial killer that will end our existence) comes by and Macie starts barking like a crazy person! I agree she is annoying, I want to punch her too, but come on, she weighs like 14 lbs. Really not scary. But the HOA guy came up and told me that I needed to control my dog. I blankly stared at him while thoughts of his lack of masculinity flooded my mind. Whatever dude. Then yesterday, a guy (what the hell men, get some cojones) and told me to get my dog on a leash or else....or else what? Who knows. I'm sick of getting in trouble for the silly white dog that just likes to hear her own voice, it that so bad?

Well everyone, thanks for letting me rant...until next week see ya later!


Brian and Lauren said...

Can you make a turkey dress for me! Its DARLING!!! You need to start an Etsy shop! Ok, I want to cry for you and your sleeping woes :( I was mad that Cannon pushed his bedtime back to 10 and was waking at 7 am. But that only lasted a few days :) Now he is back to bed at 8:30 and waking after 7. I am not sure what to tell you. Just give her a week of crying and calling for help.

McKelle said...

Great post. Great dress. Great deformities. Not so great dog and sleeping woes. So sorry.

Ty and Charise's pediatrician told them to give Owen some Benadryl before bed (seriously)to make him sleep better. Unfortunately for me it has the opposite affect and makes Gwen crazy and hyper. Try it out. If a doctor said it's okay...why not.

Kate (and LaVon) said...

Ahh!! I love Thursdays!!! Just because of you! You make my day -- sorry it is at your own expense!!! As for the night-time tough...make her will work in about a week. Just don't tell Addi I said so...I want her to like me when I meet her!

Megann said...

You are a great teacher, I have to teach something and go looking for freakishly weird things to talk about so my students will be interested. Oh and speaking a being a great teacher you should teach me to make cute holiday dresses for Marley. I am ever impressed with your mad skills.

millisue said...

Um... those deformities are pretty awesome! As long as you don't post anything with stumps... I'm terrified of stumps!

TC Jolley, my sister, you may know her, has some really good sleep tactics for her kids... there is a book too. Maybe she could tell you about it. But in the meantime, if you are up in the middle of the night, give me a call!

Jeana said...

Mandy I love your random thoughts. I'm sorry Addi doesn't sleep. If you look at my last blog post Landon doesn't either, but he is a little better and sleeps til 4 or 5before wanting to play. I've started the "just let him cry thing" and it seems to be working so far, he cries a little less before going back to sleep each night. Oh and just fyi about the "or else" threat with Macie, I went to the yearly meeting and the whole thing was people complaining about other people's dogs. So their suggestions were to start calling animal control on people's pets or they'll vote if "the situation" doesn't improve and ban dogs from the neighborhood. Honestly I don't see anyhting happening, just empty threats like always :)

Jennica said...

I love Random Thoughts Thursdays! Honestly, you are such a great writer. I can actually see your face, hear your voice, and just keep on laughing at all the wonderful drama that is Mandy. I loved that turkey dress, so stinkin cute! I hope you will post pix of Addi modeling it soon.
And don't beat yourself up about wanting to love that little girl of yours at night. I'm sure it's hard and we only have so little precious time. Maybe invest in earplugs and make Ron go bond with her.

Jodi said...

I don't care if Thursday was Thanksgiving! Thursday is Thursday nonetheless and I'm waiting for some random thoughts!
P.S. Addi's new front page pic is to die for!

byronandniki said...

Thank you for being my entertainment during my prep period today. I'm here sitting at school with nothing to do during my prep (the joy of being a p.e. teacher)and thought to myself,"what could I be entertained with?" And of course your blog has not let me down!