Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet little second child

Second kids are awesome.  You are not a new mom anymore so you are a little more relaxed and a lot less paranoid.  With Addi I think I woke her up more than she woke herself up, I think she could sense me watching her and woke up to see what the heck I was staring at.  With Ellie I ignore her grunting and wiggles until she gives me a full on cry, sometimes she falls back to sleep, sometimes I have to get her but at least I give her a choice. (Really it is just because I am too tired from taking care of two all day that I am way too exhausted to hop up at the first squeak.)

(crying until I have a chance to pick her up)
Second kids are also awesome because they don't get as spoiled as quick.  They quickly get that cute bald spot from actually being placed on their backs for more than 30 seconds a day.  I don't think Addi knew that there was a possibility that she may be placed anywhere by herself.  I never put her down.  Ellie does not have it quite as sweet, but since she doesn't know any better, she is totally pumped to sprawl out and roll around by herself. 

(so ticklish)
Plus, second kids are always entertained.  They always have noise and giggles, yells and bouncing.  There is never quiet and always something to look at.  All things equal a content child.  But on those moments that I do get to just look at her, those moments in the middle of the night when she is drunkenly filling her belly so she can fall back to sleep, those sweet looks on her face are complete bliss.
(Ron calls daily to see if Ive eaten our baby yet...isn't she yummy?)

Now I still don't have it down how to get out of the house in less than 30 minutes and I don't understand how to take care of both of them when they both REALLY need me, but I have faith that I will figure it out somehow.  Because they are too cute not to. 

Side note...My sweet niece won homecoming queen!  She also just verbally committed to go to Salt Lake Community on a full ride to play softball for the Bruins.  So proud of my beautiful gal!


McKelle said...

You're baby really is cute....and we've talked about the second child thing. It's easy to love the second child more when you're actually able to enjoy them and not be spending your time freaking out.

Janika said...

You are doing a Fantastic job! I can't get over how much your two gals look alike! (heck you cant even tell that my kids are in the same family) Love your posts..keep up the good work!

Jennica said...

Awww she's a beautiful little lady! Always love your posts and don't you worry, I'm sure you're a great mom, you have a way to let people know how much you love them and those girls surely know they are loved!

Next time I'm down, we'll definitely make it happen.....miss you too.

Crystal said...

What a fun post. You have done a great job being a mommy to baby #2 :-) Isn't it so fun to have things figured out a bit more. I totally agree with you on not being so paranoid about everything. We have gone camping this summer and Victor would eat everything he could get his hands on (dirt, rocks, weeds) I was NEVER like that with Chenielle.

And why do you think Victor got the flat spot on his head from? He was placed on his back longer than Chenielle. Ha ha ha just kidding....he just always laid on his left NO MATTER how I tried to correct it.

And how beautiful is Cauley?!? She is such a doll. I can't believe it? Senior already? Weren't we just in high school :-)

I love your posts. You never fail to make me laugh. Keep them coming.

Platt Family said...

Two kids are the best!!! Your niece is so pretty, my sister told me her dress was super pretty! I can't believe she is that old, wow time goes fast!