Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Have I mentioned one of the main reasons that we moved to the 'country' was because each day I got to drive by an Alpaca farm?  Well it was.  I love these adorable little creatures and constantly dream of the day that I too can run a Paca farm and reap the benefits of constant cuteness meandering through my yard.  Well this past weekend was the annual Alpaca Fest.  Glorious day for me and my family.  We got to walk amongst the herd and play with the guard dogs and everything.  So awesome. 
Look at these things!  They are the epitome of adorable to me, seriously, look at their furry heads!  And they are crazy soft.  The dogs were the sweetest, in fact I think I could just go there and steal some Paca's for me and they would just stand there licking me...and I would let them. So fun.  Move to the country with me!


Jodi said...

i think you just made me love alpacas.

Cynthia and Bryan said...

OK so this totally made me laugh...I can only imagine your Alpaca fetish...that dog is as big as Addi !

Crazy Blue Spot said...

I understand your enthusiasm about alpacas.
My dream is to one day have an alpaca as a pet. lol they're awesome.

McKelle said...

I know you're mad at me....please don't be. Morgan didn't want anyone to worry...although I should have told you. You probably are a way better pray-er than I am. Witches soon?