Monday, November 19, 2007

So Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Isn't it wonderful how lucky we all are! We all have roofs over our heads, family's that love us, husbies and babies and loved ones to hold, all sorts of wonderful friends, and I'm sure all our lists go on and on.

I am going to brag for a moment and say how thankful I feel for the things in my life:

Wow, what a year! I have a great little girl that thinks I am funny and wonderful and wants me to never leave her site. I have a husband that is so selfless and thoughtful that I can hardly stand it (unless I want him to clean, then he is a little selfish) I have a family that wants nothing more than to have Addi in their presence, I have a great job where I only have to be away from my baby for a few short hours ever other day and it gets me to appreciate her more and still feel like I am making a difference in the world of Roy.

I also want to brag about my cute friends, here are some of my favorite memories of you:

McKelle, I love you! I am lucky that I have a family member that I not only like to see, but I cherish the time we have together! I cant wait till we can force our daughters to be good friends like us. I remember when I stayed down at your house over Christmas break one year and we would turn the sound off the TV and make up our own voices for everyone...laughed so hard!

Tice: You saved me so many times! Times when I would take myself too seriously or when I needed to just vent you were there. I could not have gotten through many times with out you! I remember lots about that great year up in the iceland, I remember how you would pull up on my emergency break at ever vicious turn. I remember when we got back from our LONG trip to Courd-a-lane (sp?) and you made me laugh so hard I literally pee-ed my pants while standing in our kitchen! I also remember the 20 taco night! SO fun!

Jennica: I only wish we would have had more together! You were such a rock for me. Never drama, never tense, you just always made me feel good! Remember the night you made me the most delicious fried rice ever? Still crave it! I also remember how I would love to play with that cool skin thing on your neck (sounds creepy, but that is what we were!)

Milli: You have always held a special place in my heart. You felt like the younger sister that I never had. Well, more like a twin because when I was around you, I felt like I could be 12 again! I loved our runs more that you could ever know. I loved talking to you, listening to you, and I always secretly hoped that no one else would wake up so it would just be me and you hitting the pavement. You made the bench pretty fun that year and you kept me laughing about crazy legs and the love of coaching lesbians.

Lauren: I used to love looking into your eyes when you were catching me, it was so fun to see your mix of determination and encouragement. I also loved when I got to be your roommate! Do you remember the time that we went through like 2 packages of Mini Eggs just us sitting in our room! I was so sick! I also loved to covet your shoes (I still think about those animal print Steve Maddens!)

Myr: Wow, we had some good times together! We had to lean on each other so that Stocking wouldn't drive us both too crazy! I remember all the long hours we spent in that training room together getting our poor arms worked on! I know I will never be the same. You were the one person that made me work harder than anyone else and I am so thankful for that.

Laura: I may not have loved the job, but I know that Heavenly Father put me at Mt. Ogden Eye Center so we could hang out and become good friends. I learned so much about patience, love, perseverance and strength from you. You are simply amazing and I look up to you more than you could ever know.

I think that is all of my Blog buddies! I love you all and am so very thankful! Now go eat some turkey!


Brian and Lauren said...

Mandy Mandy Mandy- we are all sooo thankful for you! I rememeber you used to let me try on your engagement ring and I loved how beautiful it was. I remember many-a-days catching you in the pin and in games. I do rememeber eating all of those eggs, (heck, I still stock up around Easter!). I still have those shoes! I haven't really been able to wear them since Cannon, or should I say I wouldnt dare too, lol. I know I would fall! You are such a sweet spirit and I was so lucky to play ball with you! You have truly blessed my life and I am so thankful for that :) I am also thankful that you will be my sons future mother in law :)

MyR said...

I JUST LOVE YOU! As I was looking over my college t-shirt quilt I just giggled thinking of the fun times we had at Ricks!

How can you forget those days of running in the pouring rain or in the snow and ice, convincing Stocking to take us out to eat or to Zuka Juice, going to the training room and the sauna for practice (ha ha!), trying to catch for each other but getting more of a cardio workout than a pitching workout (not that we pitched bad...we were just not meant to be catchers!). Oh the days!

You saved me that year! I don't think I could have survived it without you! You always knew how to keep me focused or how to make me calm down.

You have the funnest sence of humor and I MISS YOU! I'm so glad that I can keep up on what you are doing and see your cute little Addi grow up. Maybe someday we can get together and do something FUN. Until then I'll just giggle at all your fun postings!

McKelle said...

I love you, my tasel wearing cousin! Boy, we have had some good times haven't we. Remember when we'd have sleepovers and I'd pretend to talk in my sleep. Funny, Funny. Love you!

Laura said...

I'm sorry you really didn't like the job that much. I feel bad that you stayed so long! We did have fun though. You are such a fun person and you always keep me laughing. You have been there for me through some really tough times in my life. Thank YOU for being such a strength to me!

Jennica said...

You know, you will always be one of the most important people in my life. and what's so sad to me is how little time we had! i absolutely cherish our friendship, and all the fun times at Ricks. driving off slick roads, listening to FF, confiding my baggage, and yes- the fried rice! I love your humor, personality, and sincerity. I don't know a more genuine, happy, fun loving person, and i miss you tonz! I'm grateful for you and hope to visit next year. luvs, jen

Melissa said...

MANDY! Hey, this is Melissa Wolthuis...long time no see! I actually just found your blog off of Laura's blog. (Sorry, I hope you don't mind me linking over!) I am so glad to see all of your cute pictures! Your little Addison is SO precious! I'm sure that you are the bestest, most cutest mom ever!

Funny that you wrote that you didn't love your job at MOEC! Hello! WHO DID! We all suffered together! Glad that we all got out! ;) But I guess it was good to work there and meet you and Laura. :)

The other day I cleaned a girls teeth that was talking about Roy High softball...SO...then we started talking about you! She was telling me what a great coach and friend you were for her, even after she graduated! But, then again, who couldn't love you! You are such a sweetheart!

Glad that everything is going so great for you and your cute family! Love the blog!

Jolley Family said...

Seriously, you don't know what RTFTO means?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! CALL ME!!! I LOVE YOU :)

Cynthia and Bryan said...

Mandy !! I have finally joined the blogging world. Your baby girl is beautiful. Congratulations ! Im glad that you and Ron are doing so well.

millisue said...

Ok, now I get to spill my guts to you. Even though I haven't seen you in person in years (man has it been that long?) I still feel like we could pick up right where we left off, and it woudn't be awkward at all. I think out of all the people on this earth, you are probably in the top five who have made me laugh hard all the time (up there with Katy and Niki.) I really did feel like you could have been my sister and I loved that year of softball the most. Everytime I am flying in a plane I find the picture of that mean dog and tear it out and give it to Travis and he just thinks I'm wierd, but I think of you! I miss ya! And yes I must see you over Christmas. Lets make plans.

Laura said...

I left a comment for Melissa. It's no problem at all.

Laura said...

Cute page!! making a Christmas template is on my list of things to do. You need to teach me how you did that with your name and the picture!
am I not alloud to read Addi's journal??

Cynthia and Bryan said...

hi Love ! I know- I have often wondered what was going on with you and have heard little tid bits here and there through the grape vine. but anyway- Your baby girl is absolutely georgous !! and I love her name. I had thought of that for if we have another girl. anyway- I look forward to getting together when we get out there. Things will be kind of crazy but we it will be fun to catch up !

Melissa said...

Hey Mandy...I just sent you an e-mail invite...but I wasn't sure if it worked (you kinda have a strange e-mail address :) ). Let me know if it doesn't work. Oh, and don't be disapointed...NO naked pictures. :)