Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving stuff!

I know I already did a Thanksgiving post but that had no pictures of our day so I thought I would write about what we actually did:

The day began with Ron and Addi taking me to a 5 mile race (when I say 'race' I really mean that I was running along side the old ladies, ok, the SLOW old ladies that had not already passed me! And a group of annoying little high school chicks that would walk up every hill and tick me off but sprint down the hills to pass me...I hated them and secretly wished they would get shin splints or side aches or something!) Anyway, I wanted to run the race so bad so I would not have all the guilt sitting down for two glorious dinners. I usually have an awesome running partner to help me get though the runs, but she was sick so I had to hoof it solo. So there I was, happily shuffling my feet along the run when my Ipod quit! SO ANGRY! So now I only had the dumb high school girls to listen to and they had issues about some boy that texted them about another girl that she totally didn't like (is your mind numb yet...cause mine was!) But I finally finished and saw my wonderful husbie and baby and it made it all better!

Then it was time to feast! First we went to Ron's parents and ate good food, then went to my brothers house for the Flint feast and watched the Cowboys (Go Boys) win again!
Such a fun day! It is a little hard having a little girl now because usually we get to hang out all night, but Addi gets seriously angry at 7:30 and demands her bath and bed (aka, moms arms...yes still suck at this)

Anyway, Friday was fun! We all watched Meet the Robinsons (cute if you haven't seen it) Then my wonderful mom demanded that she baby sit so me and Ron went out to play. We saw Dan in Real Life, (also very cute! I love that man!) then went to look for toys for Addi, if you have any suggestions for a 9 month old let me know! I want it all, Ron wants to just get her bubble wrap because she would probably like it just as much! We capped the night off with watching Knocked Up, it just re-established why people should not watch rated R movies because it kinda sucked. Unless you love pot and dropping the F bomb (which many people do and I am not judging) but if you don't, it really is not very good!

Anyway, great weekend, loved every minute of it! Happy Gobble yal!


MyR said...

Addi makes a cute little indian! :) I love her gobble shirt!

I was talking to a guy in my ward tonight and he said he was in a snowball fight with one of the pitchers at Ricks when he was there. He he went in '98. He told me how she had this cannon arm. It wasn't me so it HAD to be you!!! :) ha! Just in case you have a better memory than I would...his name is Sid Barzee. You probably kicked his butt!

Jolley Family said...

Fun Mand! And you look adorable!!! I miss you. Happy Thanksgiving and RTFTO!

Brian and Lauren said...

I love the onesie! I think that we really need to get the kiddo's together! We've got some great little gifts for the cannonball for Christmas. He got the fisher price piano, a pottery barn everywhere chair, I want to get him this ive heard its really fun!

Ps- MYR- the reason we named my son Cannon is because of the comment you just made :) I loved the idea of my kid having a "cannon for an arm" :)

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a great day, other than the "annoying little high school chicks". Addi is such a cutie in her little indian head dress. Love the attitude that she is giving in that first picture!
I LOVE Meet the Robinsons, it is such a great movie, when we first got it Peyton watched it at least 2 times a day!
I felt the same way about Knocked up, a little too much for me to handle.

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Addison is SO cute in her little gobble shirt and indian head dress! You're such a cute family!

Brian and Lauren said...

How did you make that cute onesie?? You have talent! Hey, we are heading up to Brigham City on the 15th....we should stop in Roy on the way up and have lunch! Let me know what you think :) I would love for our 2 little baby-cakes to meet and get their first date :)

Jennica said...

seriously what is RTFTO? I really want to know, right now!

millisue said...

I like pot, but don't like the F-bomb, so I will refrain from that movie. Your weekend sounded way fun. And please tell me you made that wig wam for Addi... I could just image you cutting and glueing with have your tongue sticking out because you are concentrating so hard. Happy Turkey day!